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Archive | August, 2010

Future Home Prices: Expectations from the Experts

MacroMarkets has assembled a very distinguished panel of over 100 economists, investment strategists, and housing market analysts who are surveyed every month regarding their 5-year expectations for future home prices in the U.S. The report is the Home Price Expectations Survey.

Their purpose for this undertaking?

We are hopeful that this survey, and our panelists, will help to stimulate constructive debate among consumers, institutions and policy makers regarding expected future changes in home prices – and their behavioral, policy, and risk management implications.

We believe each of their goals is important. We also want to relay the findings of the surveys to you in order for you to see what the experts are saying and also look at the trends that are developing in their beliefs.

What the experts are saying:

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How the Serenity Prayer Applies To Selling a Home

You may believe that selling your home will be impossible after all the news you have heard recently.  You may feel powerless to the process. What could YOU possibly do to turn this housing market around? There is no doubt that today’s real estate market is extremely difficult to navigate. However, we want you to know that thousands of homes sold yesterday, thousands will sell today and thousands will sell each and every day from now until the end of the year.

It is totally within your power to guarantee that your house will sell even in the current market.

How you ask? Let’s look at the simplicity of the famous Serenity Prayer and apply it to selling a home in today’s real estate market.

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Sense of Urgency?

It’s been hard to fault home buyers who haven’t rushed to buy a home, now that there is no longer any Federal Tax Credit. I mean, if you read this blog with any consistency, we all know that home prices are going to continue to tumble, and there is no indication of interest rates climbing anytime soon; so, who can […]

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Everybody Calm Down. Armageddon Is NOT Upon Us!

CNBC report 9/2: “Pending sales of previously owned U.S. homes rose unexpectedly in July … suggesting a tax credit-related housing market decline was close to bottoming.”



The new housing numbers have definitely been a major news story over the last 48 hours. The Dow dropped over 100 points on the announcement of July’s existing sales numbers. The cries of a double-dip sound like the screams of Chicken Little: ‘The sky is falling! The sky is falling!’ Pundits are claiming real estate will never be looked at the same again. We asked Steve Harney to comment on what the report actual means to the housing recovery. As always, he was more than willing to share his insights. – The KCM Crew

I want to start by saying that Armageddon is not upon us. Was NAR’s Existing Home Sales Report tough to read? Yes. Were there any surprises in the report? Just one: the fact that prices have remained stable. And that was good news.

All the panic and gut-wrenching revolves around two numbers:

  1. The lack of sales in July
  2. The months’ supply of inventory now available
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The Existing Home Sales Report Is In. Ugh!

We want to begin by saying there were absolutely no surprises in this month’s National Association of Realtors Existing Home Sales Report. Experts were calling for a dramatic fall off in volume and a substantial increase in month’s supply of inventory. Everyone now realizes that the tax credit actually pulled more demand forward than it created. The inventory of unsold homes is increasing as the shadow inventory of distressed properties is beginning to be released by the banks.

The report just confirmed what we already knew. Yet, it was still difficult to read.

What the report said:

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