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Archive | July, 2012

The Difference Between Excellent and Perfect

Why does a buyer or seller look for a real estate professional in today’s new market reality? There’s plenty of information readily available for them to look at and analyze as they’re going through the process.

That’s just the point. Information being readily available causes confusion. That’s when people seek out professionals (whether it be a doctor, lawyer, or real estate professional) for an analysis of the information and their situation. Because of the wealth of information available, people are yearning for expert advice.

Don’t be afraid of those two words. Remember:

  • An expert doesn’t mean you’re going to give perfect advice.
  • An expert means you’re going to give excellent advice.
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The Economy’s Impact on Housing

With the economic recovery sluggish at best, many ask what impact this has on housing. Over the last several years, most economists believed that housing would not recover until the overall economy recovered. However, it now seems that the housing sector may be a driving influence in the recovery.

Here are four reports released in the last 30 days affirming this point:

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Homeownership: The American Dream (Part 3)

In the last two posts, we’ve talked about the American dream and its benefits, but how ready are you to help people make their dreams come true? People contact you because they want something better, but you have to be able to get them through all the nervousness and fear created by the conflicting news in the media. You do this by effectively explaining everything they need to know about the market and the benefits of homeownership. Now, it’s not about convincing them to buy, but giving them the knowledge to make an educated decision for themselves and their families.

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Homeownership: The American Dream (Part 2)

A major benefit to homeownership is community. There is a greater sense of community among homeowners than there is with renters. Studies have shown that homeowners have a higher participation in local volunteer activities; participate more in local political activities and organizations; have higher voting rates; and are more involved in self-help activities (like the PTA and neighborhood crime watches) than those who rent. Homeowners do not move as frequently as renters, therefore providing more neighborhood stability. This helps reduce crime and support neighborhood upkeep and value.

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Homeownership: The American Dream

As a real estate professional, it’s important to understand, and remind yourself, that homeownership really is the American Dream and your job is to be the guardian and guide to make that dream a reality. This is especially important in a market where some people may be misinformed about the benefits and possibilities of buying a home.

The good news is 96% of homeowners see homeownership as a positive experience and 88% of renters aspire to own a home. This is true in the United States more than any other country. Owning a part of our country has always been the American Dream and as an agent you are instrumental in this dream. It’s your job to help guide people to their ultimate goal of homeownership.

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