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Archive | February, 2013

This Telephone Has Too Many Shortcomings

Today, we are reposting a blog by our friend Matthew Ferrara. – The KCM Crew

old-telephone-260x300Don’t make the same mistake about new technology Western Union once did.

Some readers might remember a “boxing match” we did a couple of years ago in Las Vegas. It was part educational, part entertainment, but underneath there was an important question: Are modern technologies like social media and texting valid tools for salespeople to grow their business? In the blue robes, I fought for modern technology; in the red robes was the defender of traditional tools, like the phone.

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Are Lending Standards Loosening?

bigstockphoto_Housing_Metaphor_607303Celia Chen, an economist for Moody’s Analytics, recently reported on her projections regarding mortgage standards throughout 2013.

“The housing recovery began in earnest in 2012, despite constraints placed by a still-tight mortgage lending environment. This year promises improvements as the drivers of tough credit standards reverse.

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Fewer Americans in ‘Underwater’ Situation

House-Wave1With home values falling dramatically from 2006 boom prices, many homeowners have found themselves in what is called a ‘negative equity’ or ‘underwater’ situation. This means the value of their home is currently less than the mortgage amount on that home.

Many of these homeowners have been ‘locked’ into their houses because they were unable to sell it without bringing cash to the closing table. The good news is this situation is improving as prices begin to rise.

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Is There a Window of Opportunity for Sellers Right Now?

3081280_thumbnailOne of the most interesting revelations of the latest National Association of Realtors (NAR) Existing Home Sales Report is the shortage of housing inventory being reported throughout much of the country. At the same time, buyer demand is dramatically up over last year. Here are some key points:

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NAR’s 4th Quarter Home Sales Report [INFOGRAPHIC]

NAR 4Q 2012

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