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After the 14-day free trial, how much is the KCM Membership? Is there a contract?

Just $19.95/month with no contract or commitment! You can cancel at any time.

What's included with the KCM Membership?

The KCM Membership includes four main features:

Is the information you provide local to my specific area?

At KCM, we're able to break down current information and trends to the national, regional, and sometimes even state levels at this time. The best source of local information is your local MLS. These days, consumers have access to a ton of market information, and most of it’s national (think CNBC, Wall Street Journal, etc.). However, these news outlets often contradict one another and can be very confusing for consumers. Our goal is to make sense of all the information out there and break it down in a way that allows you to explain what is happening simply and effectively to your clients. We understand that a lot of what you do is local – you’re the expert in your local market. We help you bridge the gap between what’s happening in your market and what your clients may be hearing in the news about the national market. To keep subscription costs low, we provide an overall view of the market, and supply you with national resources and information, which you can then choose to take to a deeper, more local level. Using the PowerPoint versions of our materials, you can customize your presentations and graphs with your local MLS information to match the style of the KCM Materials.

Can I post the KCM materials to my blog or website?

All of the materials included with the KCM Membership can be used on your website if you'd like. This includes the blog posts, quarterly eGuides, and the charts and graphs from the monthly market updates. However, please refrain from posting the entire monthly market update on your website - it is not designed to be shared. Please also refrain from removing images from the blog posts and using them in other formats. You can learn how some of our Members use materials on their website by listening to this interview with Cindy Allen, a KCM Member since 2013. For teams and brokerages, the KCM materials are not intended to be used across multiple agents. If you’re interested in using KCM materials for your company (on your blogs, in your newsletters, etc.), please check out our KCM Brokerage Program here.

Does KCM automatically post to my social media channels?

KCM does not automatically post to social media for you. We do provide every Member with an RSS feed that can be used with a free third-party website like Hootsuite or dlvr.it to automatically share your personalized blog posts if you'd like.

Can I email the KCM blog posts or other materials to my database?

The Personalized Posts feature is designed to be easily used on social media and is not currently optimized for email. KCM Members can use the posts in their email marketing, but we do not provide a way to email your database through our platform. Members must create emails within their CRM or email platform using the KCM materials, we do not provide automatic emails, newsletter templates, etc.

Can I share the cost of my membership with a colleague?

The KCM Membership is a single-user license and not intended to be shared amongst multiple agents. We appreciate your understanding of this. If you have questions about this, please email membership@keepingcurrentmatters.com.

I am a manager...can I share my subscription with my agents?

The KCM Membership is a single-user license and not intended to be shared amongst multiple agents. We appreciate your understanding of this. However, we realize your responsibility as a leader is to create clarity from confusion and give your agents a plan for success. If you’d like to learn more about KCM’s brokerage/office program, please click here.

I'm part of a team...can I share my subscription with my team?

The KCM Membership is a single-user license and not intended to be shared amongst multiple agents. We appreciate your understanding of this. However, we do offer a Team Membership option that will provide everyone on your team access to the KCM Membership materials. If you’d like to learn more about the Team Membership, please email us here.

Can the KCM materials other than the blog posts be personalized with my information?

Yes. We provide the monthly market update materials and the buyer/seller guides in PowerPoint format. This allows you to edit and customize all of the materials with your name, contact information, logo, etc.

Can I see a sample of what KCM offers?

The best way to see for yourself what KCM provides is through our 14-day free trial where you will have full access to everything that our members receive. However, if you’re not ready to start your trial just yet, you can view samples of some materials. Click here to view a sample of Personalized Posts and click here to view a sample Sellers Guide. We also have a sample Monthly Market Report available on this page. We also suggest that you check out one of our recent webinars as we often use KCM Membership materials in the webinars themselves. You’ll also get a great feel for how we present our analysis and content.

Can I try the KCM Membership prior to purchasing?

Of course! You can try KCM free for 14 days by clicking here.

I live outside the U.S...would this information apply to me?

Although some information might apply (such as how to deal with a buyer or seller), most of the information we provide is directed towards the U.S. market.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee on my purchase?

In addition to our free 14-day trial, we also offer a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. If the KCM membership did not dramatically help your business, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll issue you a full refund.

Is there a discount for ordering KCM for a year?

At this point, we do not provide a discount for pre-payment of KCM. We prefer to offer you the ability to control your membership on a month-to-month basis.

How should I cite/accredit you when I use your free blog content?

When re-using our free blog content, we ask that you accredit KCM the same way you would any other news source…a note and a link back to the article you’re using.

What do I receive with the KCM Membership that I don’t already get with your free blog?

While the free blog provides daily talking points to share with your clients and colleagues, the KCM Membership provides you with your own personalized version of the blog. Instead of sending your audience back to our site to consume the information, you can send them to your own personally branded blog posts. Click here to view a sample. The KCM Membership also includes access to our other features: The KCM Membership provides you with insights and visuals on how to simply and effectively explain current market conditions with your clients, helping you move buyers off the fence and bring sellers to the listing table. To learn more about the KCM Membership click here.

What software/hardware do I need to utilize the materials?

To get the most out of your KCM Experience, we suggest that you have the software below installed on your PC or MAC:
      • Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat You can download the most recent edition of Adobe Reader for free by clicking here. In order to make changes to the PDF documents, you will need the paid version of Adobe Acrobat, which can be found here. Only the free Adobe Reader is needed in order to view, print, and save PDF files.
      • Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer or Microsoft PowerPoint You can download the most recent edition of Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer by clicking here. In order to customize and personally brand the PowerPoint materials, you will need the paid version of Microsoft PowerPoint, which can be found here. We recommend using PowerPoint 2003 or later.
      • Speakers or Headphones In order to listen to the monthly webinar, as well as additional audio content available inside the member area, you will need to have speakers or headphones connected to your device. Additional software may be required depending on how you would like to utilize the materials.

As a KCM Member, will I have access to all webinar slides and visuals you produce?

Yes, any slides we use in our public webinars are made available to KCM Members in the KCM Member Area.

I have a MAC. Can I access the KCM materials?

Of course! The KCM website works on all devices; even your Smartphone and Tablet!

Can I access KCM from my mobile device?

Of course! The KCM Member Area is 100% functional on all major mobile devices including Smartphones and Tablets such as the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad, Galaxy, and Zoom. If there is a particular device you are interested in, feel free to contact us for the most accurate response.

Still Have Questions? Contact the KCM Crew directly and we will help you in any way we can!