What is KCM?

What is KCM?

We sift. You shine.

What's Happening - and Why. Each month the KCM crew pores over reports from the most important sources of real estate news. We then condense it down to one 30-minute briefing that interprets recent developments in terms that clients can understand – and act upon.

We don’t just explain it. We help YOU explain it – to your clients.

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Visuals that speak for themselves. We help you SHOW buyers and sellers why your advice is perfect in the current market - with convincing insights presented in charts, graphs, and visuals. A handful of KCM slides at your next 1-on-1 will help you ease fears, answer concerns, and overcome hesitation. KCM visuals are your fastest way to create clarity from confusion.

We don't just explain it...
We help YOU explain it.
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Daily content,
branded to YOU.

KCM's Personalized Posts™ lets you take each daily article from the KCM Blog, and share it with YOUR photo and personal information alongside the content …instead of KCM’s.

No ads…just your photo, contact information, website, social media pages, and even a button for clients and contacts to email you directly. This new feature is all about keeping the focus on you!

Refresh your marketing.

Keep it current and relevant. Your clients want knowledge they can act on, not recipes or a calendar. That’s why every KCM piece is designed to be shared via:

  • Social media
  • Blog/website
  • Newsletter
  • Direct mail/postcards

We’re here to help you brand yourself as
the most knowledgeable agent your clients will ever meet.

Brand yourself as the most
knowledgeable agent your clients will ever meet.

Guide your
buyers and sellers.

In this complex housing market, it's more important than ever to guide your buyers and sellers through the home-buying and selling process. To help with this, we prepare digital guides each quarter with things that buyers and sellers should be considering when taking this significant step in their lives.

These done-for-you eGuides are beautifully made with appealing visuals and helpful information written directly to the consumer, so all you have to do is simply pass them on to your clients.

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when you need it.

"So, is now a good time to move?" Guess what? Every time you can answer a prospect’s question, your chance of landing a new client skyrockets.

That’s why KCM gives you concise talking points and visuals – to make you the expert wherever you go. With KCM on your phone, tablet or laptop you’ll always have the answer when you need it most.

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