Our Mission

Our Mission

At KCM, our mission is to provide you with the tools and information you need to guarantee success in any real estate market. With strong visual aids, expert analysis, (and a little bit of self confidence), you will be able to answer the toughest questions asked by even the most educated clients. In today’s real estate market, potential buyers and sellers have a wealth of information at their disposal. This over abundance of data, along with many conflicting news stories, can make navigating the market confusing to anyone, even those within the industry. That is why it is not only important that you know what is happening, but also why it is happening and how to simply and effectively communicate it to your clients. That is where KCM can help.

Our Approach

Founded in 2007, Keeping Current Matters (KCM) was developed to provide a simplified approach to real estate education.
  • Provide Quality and Timely Information
  • Offer Insight and Guidance to Help You Easily Understand and Communicate
  • Make the Materials Easily Accessible
Since its inception, KCM has evolved from providing quality presentation materials for your client conversations, to your all-encompassing trusted partner within the industry. Through our monthly webinars, client conversation resources, weekly blog posts, and timely market updates, we strive to constantly provide you with the most current market information and insight to help you succeed.

Information is Key

While marketing campaigns and lead follow-up are vitally important to any business, real estate professionals need to expand basic business approaches to a higher level. Just like doctors or lawyers, real estate professionals need to remain up-to-date on ever-changing market information. You are expected to have answers to even the toughest questions your clients may ask. Whether it’s at the cocktail party or in an elevator, we’re here to help make sure you always have the information you need; and a way to simply and effectively explain it. While we continue to add more features and re-fine the Member experience, our mission has not changed since day one - to help you become a more successful real estate professional.

Our Community

KCM would not exist if not for the support of our ever-growing Membership. Thousands of Members across the country utilize the information and knowledge attained from KCM to help them grow their business, and consistently raise the bar of what it means to be a true real estate professional.

More Than A Subscription...USAMap KCM is far more than just an informational service. Our network of committed professionals has helped reshape the American real estate industry. By providing accurate guidance and expert advice, KCM Members have helped their clients make informed decisions, and do what is best not only from a financial standpoint, but what is best for their families.

Because of KCM, foreclosures have been avoided, dream homes have been purchased, and children have finally been able to get the puppy they have always wanted. That is what makes this all worth it. To read more about our Members, and to see the different ways their KCM subscription has impacted their business, be sure to visit our Success Stories page.