Steve Harney

Steve Harney

Thanks to Steve Harney’s evangelism for spreading the tools and language and actionable steps with our managers and agents around the country…price reductions are happening; sales are increasing. Winning attitudes are gaining the upper hand.

Pam O'Connor | President of Leading RE

The presentation by Steve Harney was delivered with the spirit and energy of a General Patton briefing... He examined the statistics behind the statistics and took the audience through the industry from the perspective of consumers, investors, agents and brokers. Steve was both emotionally and intellectually embracing and stimulating.

Steve Murray | President of Real Trends

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About Steve

Steve Harney is the leading expert in negotiation and leadership training for residential real estate professionals.

His 30 year history of success began as a top performing residential Realtor before he steadily built his own 500 agent real estate firm. It was during that process that he established his method for raising average sales agents and managers to the level of top performers. Recognizing this industry-wide need, he set out to help Realtors achieve their true potential, and launched Steve Harney, Inc., his own brand of training and negotiation seminars.

Steve Harney authors the popular monthly Keeping Current Matters™ audio visual report for top agents, and travels the country as an industry speaker and trainer in high demand.

The Right Information for the Right Audience

Steve brings value to your attendees by making sure they stay up to date in today’s changing market. We track hundreds of information feeds and summarize what’s REALLY important so your group is in tune with the pulse of the current real estate market.

Every presentation we give delivers on three main objectives:

  1. Information your people can use to improve results now. Each topic is thoroughly researched and up to date as of current market conditions, and we provide the sources that agents (and their clients) can confirm and review themselves.
  2. Instruction to help sales people and managers understand exactly how to use the information in various situations. We give specific talking points on how to deliver it to their clients or use it to their advantage in negotiations, regardless of which side of the table they are on.
  3. The competitive edge that true professionals demand. A professional’s reputation is their currency, and each must achieve and maintain their own advantage in the marketplace. Our seminars provide the cutting edge insights that put that goal within reach.

When you are responsible for an agenda guaranteed to fill seats, Steve will have your attendees blocking out their calendar!