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Diallo Stevens

Diallo Stevens, Century 21 Best, Inc.

Member Snapshot

Name: Diallo Stevens

Company: Century 21 Best, Inc.

Location: Queens, New York City, & vicinity

Designations: CRS, CDPE, GRI, SRES, RECS, e-PRO

In Real Estate Since: 2002

KCM Member Since: 2009

Biggest Benefit of KCM: Consistent support and credible data

A Melting Pot of Business

Being based in Queens, New York, Diallo Stevens interacts with a diverse client base and handles a broad array of property types. In fact, many of the clients he works with are from different countries and cultures, have different language and other communication needs, and are often accustomed to doing real estate transactions in ways that are very dissimilar from the accepted practices in the U.S.

Because of these constraints and the need to give clients a broad array of information, Stevens became adept at market research where he drilled down the numbers to specific neighborhoods. And even though he had his process streamlined with detailed spreadsheets and analysis tools, all this research still took him a full day to complete. "In real estate, there are so many things you need to focus on," says Stevens. "To carve out the better part of a day for research and not get sidetracked was challenging."

A New Awareness

While being a panel member for a Board of Realtors function, Stevens learned about KCM. He liked what he heard so he signed up, even though he never saw a formal presentation about the program. And he admits that for the first few months, he didn't fully utilize his membership. "I took a 'catch-as-catch-can' approach to it and wasn't focused," he says. "But then as I started to pay attention and go to the quarterly meetings, KCM really made sense and I realized the tremendous value of the program."

Today, Stevens sees both tangible and intangible value to his KCM membership. "The tangible piece is that KCM provides a lot of graphics and articles that I'm able to share with clients," says Stevens. "I can read a KCM article in five minutes and then share it on my major social media platforms in seconds. This helps me stand in front of people with relevant information, as opposed to just giving my opinion of the day."

While the tangible benefits are useful, Stevens says that the intangible benefits are even more important. "Every day at 10 a.m. I have a reminder in my calendar to review the KCM blog," says Stevens. "I do this as my 'check up from the neck up,' because the concept of this program is true: Keeping current matters, especially in real estate with all the changes going on. KCM helps me have awareness so when I’m talking with clients I can share appropriate information and push people when they should be pushed, yet not come across as a pushy person."

The Real Deal

The thing Stevens appreciates most about his KCM membership is the feeling that he has a support team behind him whom he can count on consistently. "Too many companies sell you stuff and then don't give you support," explains Stevens. "But with KCM, I can reach out to them and they will get me the information I need to better understand something. It's like working with a team of people who really want to empower you. KCM is the real deal for professional agents who want to be experts in this industry."

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