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Can You Take Care of All the Hassles?

Monday’s blog created a strong request for us to address each of the four questions homeowners have. We will cover one question each day for the rest of the week. Today, we are reposting a previous blog about the necessity of having a team when selling a home. – The KCM Crew

People say: “It takes a village to raise a child”. The realities of today’s life (two family incomes and such) have forced a family to lean on others (neighbors, relatives, teachers, etc.) to protect and teach our young people about culture, history and acceptable behaviors. Teams, because of their ability to provide specialized solutions to problems, have often proved to be more efficient deliverers of information.

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Some Points About Points

One of the more frequent topics discussed between loan officers and borrowers center around discount points.

“What are points?”
“Should I pay points?”
“What about NO points?”
And so on…

So today, I decided to give you some information and some things to consider:

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Sizzle vs. Steak or Sizzle AND Steak?

It’s often so difficult to choose who to work with in a real estate transaction. It’s tough to know the great agents and loan officers. I believe finding the great ones can truly prove to be a gift to your future.

What is the “Steak”?

To me, that’s the part of the agent or loan officer’s expertise. They are fluent in their industry, their available products and inventory, the current market conditions, and the entire process that you will be undergoing. The “steak” is about using their excellence in execution to deliver a comprehensive solution for their clients.

What is the “Sizzle”?

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News Flash: Lenders Are Busy

We live in a post-subprime world…and with that, come some good things and some not-so-good things. Much of the “bad” in mortgages has been cleansed (bad loan products and many of the unqualified “professionals”). And that is good. But another consequence of the past five or so years is the shear loss of people who can fulfill the demand of today’s public.

As an industry, we are short appraisers, loan officers, processors, underwriters and closers and things are getting backed up.

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Green Mortgages

With spring in full bloom and the landscape at its peak greenness, I was moved to share my thoughts on how smart financing can help the environment. Beyond the paperless mortgage that can save trees, I am talking about two loan products that can finance energy efficient improvements to your home. And both can be done at time of acquisition or during a refinance.

First, we have the tried and true FHA 203K which will finance homes and their renovations up to the local FHA loan limit. In terms of green mortgaging, we have seen borrowers finance $50,000 solar heating and electrical systems and geo-thermal heating and cooling systems which enable homeowners to slash their energy costs and usage. Besides saving the earth’s resources, over time, customers
save money. It’s a win/win.

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