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Never lose faith!!

As I travel around the country sharing my message with agents and leaders in the Real Estate industry, the same feeling overcomes me and sometimes even brings me to tears. That is the feeling of PRIDE. As difficult as this market has been over the last two years, I keep meeting people who REFUSE to be victims. Instead, they have decided to take on this bear of an econmy and wrestle it to the ground. They have decided not to lose faith. And I am not talking about them losing faith in the industry. They have refused to lose faith in themselves. As Realtors, we have spent centuries helping people through difficult times (death, divorce, loss of employment). And now, so many are stepping up and having the courage to help their sellers through this time of difficulty. To all those who have refused to give up, I SALUTE YOU!

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15 replies
  1. Zane
    Zane says:


    Congrats on the new blog… looks great!

    It’s nice to hear about the sense of pride you feel over the true fighters in the industry. A lot of that has to do with you and the information/inspiration you provide. Keep on keepin’ on!

  2. Sue Cox
    Sue Cox says:

    Thanks, Steve. I too am proud of those in our profession who have chosen not only to survive but thrive in this market. Their faith and determination to see it through has been inspiring. Thanks for being one of the good guys!

  3. Diane Wolyniec
    Diane Wolyniec says:

    We like you being you. Because there are some days when each and every one of us are running scared and sometimes there is uncertainty, but its the encouragement, the motivation and your positive influence that keeps us believing. All we have to do is have as much confidece in ourselves as you have in us.
    And we will be victorious!

  4. Mary Anne D'Ambrosio
    Mary Anne D'Ambrosio says:

    Steve,Great job on your blog!LOVE it!I am doing a companywide meeting next week and incorporating the facts and sentiments you discussed last week at the Illinois Assn of Realtors presentation It was so inspiring as well as motivating!Your message that we the realtors have to clean up this mess really hit the nail on the head.I have heard many requests to bring you back to Chicago soon.Keep up the good words!

  5. Chris Read
    Chris Read says:

    It’s another homerun with a powerful message! “Once you choose HOPE, anything is possible.” Thanks for the encouragement you give to every REALTOR you touch. As you have said, “Tell them the truth and trust their intelligence to make the right decisions.” The ones listening, retooling and thinking ahead do give hope for a very bright future!

  6. Angel Genereau
    Angel Genereau says:

    Whne the student is ready the Teacher appears. Left IAR conference last friday ,bought a new a laptop,and did 3 presentations …imagine I am 3 for 3 ..I will keep posting …I do know the most and painless way too keep Current…the monthly news you offer is woth its weight”gold”. I want to be sure I get the facts out thanks for putting together the slidcast.

  7. Georgia Westcott
    Georgia Westcott says:

    Hi Steve,
    Great blog! A jump start for the day! Be Proud – We need you! As a die hard who never lost faith during these times I actually had the nerve to open a new office! Keeping Current Matters came along for me just then and saved me from floundering and saying “what now”. To have your info, inspiration and “real” appraoch at my fingertips is invaluable. You are like my silent partner in real estate! Thanks for all you do to further the industry we all believe in!

  8. DoorToDreams.com
    DoorToDreams.com says:

    A few weeks back, I was able to close a short sale listing of mine. The owners were $100,000+ underwater, their income had been cut in-half, and their first baby was on the way. They got moved to an apartment (half the cost of the house payment), closed on the house, and the baby was born less than 1 week later … not to mention they didn’t have to deal with moving a newborn during a Michigan winter. What a great feeling! The commission – about $2,000. The feeling of how we improved their lives – priceless. -Derek Bauer, Real Estate One

  9. Becky Brand
    Becky Brand says:

    Your message that we cannot lose Faith because we have the power to turn this thing around has been the most inspiring thing I have heard this year! Keep it up – we need the facts and the knowledge you provide through your monthly updates but we also need your confidence in us – it keeps us going during those weak moments when we lose confidence in ourselves!

  10. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    I would love this site even more if it were easier to read. Who picked this gray tone for most of the text?? Website designer: Please change the colors to something much more legible!

    • Steve Harney
      Steve Harney says:

      Dear Barbara,

      I understand your thinking on that. There are some limitations with the blogging software we’re using; however, you can have the blog posts sent directly to your e-mail and read them more easily. Just click on the orange RSS button at the top right corner of the home page and simply follow the directions.

  11. Angel Genereau
    Angel Genereau says:

    Steve ,
    4 for 4 and anothe rBroker offered me an additional 10% and NO desk when I told him what I was doing with presentations. Although I did not choose to make a change in Brokerage I felt good and affirmed…..
    Now for the habit of spell check!!!! I regret the enthusiasm contributed to lack of attention to detail As a Professional I do ont subsribe to perfection 3 steps forward is good as long as its only 2 back then I am in the game.
    Thank you for your expediece in Octobers newsletter….


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