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As my father always said…

“You can’t learn anything while you are talking since you already know everything you are saying.” – Richard Harney (Steve’s Dad)Poppy

Great salespeople are great listeners. In order to prove to the customer that their needs are our primary concern, we must be willing to listen long enough to find out what their needs are. In today’s market, we must listen intently to what the consumer is trying to convey to us. The business is no longer about us telling people what to do. Instead, it now revolves around our ability to bring the consumer through a discovery process in order for them to truly understand the points they need to know. That requires us to educate and empathize with our clients. Take the time to care enough to listen!

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2 replies
  1. Meredith Kurz
    Meredith Kurz says:

    I have a habit of interrupting people due to excitement of understanding and wanting to participate; immediately. As people sometimes have to sit on their hands, I need to somehow to sit on my lip. It’s rude and breaks the flow of a sales consultation. I’m a dance partner struggling to take the lead. I work on this constantly. Seeing you’re writing about it, I’m guessing I’m not the only one. I copied your Dad’s saying and am writing it up on an index card so I will be reminded more often to Zip It!


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