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Change creates victims or heroes. Which will you be?

From my friends at Majestic Consulting:

When dealing with change, we can:

Fear it. But then you prevent yourself from ever taking risk for fear of making a bad choice. “I shouldn’t buy a house, because the market could shift any day now.”
“What if I change jobs and the company folds? I’d better stay where I am.” But that leaves you paralyzed, never making progress. In fact, you’ll probably fall behind, letting time be your master.

Ignore it. Pretend nothing will change. But when you choose to sport blinders, you will be left unprepared. Maybe you’re edging closer to 60 with a tiny retirement fund. Or you haven’t taken adequate care of yourself so you’ve compromised your health. I can assure you that ignorance is not bliss; it’s just ignorance.

Wait for it. Much like fearing the onset of change, waiting for something to happen, rather than actively preparing, will often prevent you from making decisions. “We can’t start a family until we can afford it.” I assure you, you’ll never hit that target unless you set concrete goals and aggressively pursue them.

Plan for it. Be one of the people who predicts what’s ahead; being ever watchful of changing conditions. Be aware of your surroundings, factors that can affect you – local, regional, global – and those that you can control. When you plan ahead, you can proactively map out your route to personal and professional success. Without planning, you are left to react, perhaps in panic.

The recession was not a surprise. We saw it coming. Some people hoped it wouldn’t happen and relied on the Powers That Be to save them from harm. Others underestimated its impact and were ill-prepared to weather the seasonal shift. And then there are the people who wisely adapted and innovated in order to respond to changes.

Change is coming. How are you going to get ready for the seasonal climate ahead?

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