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10 Steps to Being a Great Agent – #7

Realizing it is the Mission not the Money

One of the things that definitely separates ‘good’ agents from ‘great’ agents is the belief that, if you do the right things every day, success is guaranteed. Many agents determine their daily success by whether or not that got a listing or made a sale that day. Great agents measure daily success by whether or not they did the things they planned to get done that day. They know that, if they do the right things on a regular basis, the listings and sales automatically come.

They know that, just like dieting, being disciplined brings results. We all know, if we cut down our calories and increase our exercise, weight loss occurs. We don’t judge success by whether we lost weight that particular day. If we stick to the plan, weight loss is guaranteed. When you have that type of belief in your business, you concentrate on your mission not the money. You can rest easily at night because you put in a good day’s work.

Some will say that they will become more disciplined as soon as they put together a few more deals. That is like someone saying they will start dieting as soon as they lose some weight. Think about it.

Tomorrow we will look at Step #8 – Understanding What is Happening in the Industry and Why

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