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10 Steps to Being a Great Agent – #9

Knowing How to Communicate Points Simply and Effectively

Seth Godin put it best: “That what you tell them, they will not believe. That what they tell themselves, they ALWAYS believe.”

The sales process has changed forever. Top achievers realize that it is no longer how well you ‘sell’ your proposition. Instead, it now is about educating the consumer so they can pick the proper option for themselves and their families. If we agree that educating the consumer is the key to success, the question becomes how to best deliver the options in a learning format.

First, we must determine the best way to deliver the information. The days of ‘talking someone into it’ no longer exist. When my father came home from school, he sat in front of a radio. His generation was trained to be good listeners (and great story tellers) because that is how they learned. Subsequent generations came home from school and sat in front of the television. Visual learning began to dominate because that is how people began to learn at home.

Because of this, we must communicate with so much more than words today. Visual depictions (graphs, charts and tables) of the information make it much easier for the consumer to comprehend. Top real estate professionals spend hours on making sure that their four presentations (listing, buyers, price adjustment and presenting the offer) are true learning experiences. They load each presentation with great graphic examples of each and every point they make.

Unless we have educated the consumer well enough that THEY REALIZE THE OPTION WE POINTED OUT IS BEST FOR THEM, we have no hope of coming to an agreement.

Do your research, prepare your presentations and EDUCATE!! That truly is and will continue to be the key to your success.

Tomorrow, we will cover Step #10 -Once You Reach It, Teach It

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