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Is Your Deal Dying? Find a Real Estate Doctor.

Operating in the current real estate market is no easy task. Whether you are selling a house, buying one, or doing both, it requires the skill of a surgeon to carefully slice through the layers of information available in order to get to the core issues. At the same time, you must have the insight of a psychologist to deal with the rapidly changing nuances of the continuously evolving landscape.

What will happen to house values as we continue through the year?

When will interest rates return to more normal levels (7-8%) and how will that affect my ability to borrow?

There is a plethora of questions that have no easy answers.  So how do you assure that you have a healthy real estate transaction? Just like your health, you depend on the counsel of a trained professional. This begs the question: how do you pick a good real estate ‘doctor’?

Here are a few of my suggestions:

1.) If you have a feeling you won’t get out of the operating room alive, don’t go in!

As we mentioned above, today’s real estate market requires a top notch professional dedicated to doing the things that will best guarantee the successful outcome of your goals. That means the agent should be VERY well versed in the things impacting the market today.

Over the last several weeks (or even months), while you were contemplating your move, you have read (I’m sure) several articles on the housing market. When the words ‘real estate’ were mentioned on television, your ears perked up. It is called a ‘hypersensitive state of awareness’- we become more aware of things around us when we develop an interest in that subject.

You have a ‘feel’ for what is taking place in the market which is good. Your real estate professional must have much more than just a ‘feel’. They should be able to exhibit a deep understanding of WHAT is happening and, more importantly, WHY it is happening.  If, while interviewing the agent, you believe you may have a better handle on the industry than they do, don’t hire them as your doctor!

2.) A good bedside manner is important.

A Caring Doctor

Being a great surgeon is the first step. The agent must not only know the WHAT and WHY of the market, but they must have the patience to simply and effectively explain them to you and the people they will be dealing with while representing you in the transaction.

If they are not respecting you enough to take the time and explain the intricacies of a real estate deal, don’t hire them-even if you can deal with that situation. In today’s real estate environment, people are nervous, very nervous. They want someone to educate them as to why the decision they are about to make is the right decision for themselves and their family.

Whether the agent is negotiating an offer on a home you love or representing you as the seller in a transaction, the agent’s ability to effectively communicate your point of view and substantiate it with facts and data is crucial.

Put simply, they need a good bedside manner!

3.) Don’t go to a podiatrist for brain surgery.

That is pretty obvious when we are talking about health issues. But every professional industry is becoming more and more specialized. A divorce attorney probably will not be the one you would talk to if you were starting a business.  The concept of specialization applies to real estate also. You want an agent who knows the particular market you will be doing business in.

If you are looking to purchase a condo or co-op, you want a real estate professional that knows that market, understands what common charges are, and realizes, in some cases, board approval can be an obstacle. If you want to sell your waterfront property, you want an agent that understands the requirements that type of buyer will have.

Make sure the agent you are about to hire has a proficiency in the type of real estate involved.

4.) If you are on the operating table and the surgeon asks you where YOUR anesthesiologist is – RUN!!

Obviously, if you are having surgery, your doctor will put together a ‘team’ of professionals to make sure the procedure goes correctly. An attorney will put together a team of specialists before going to trial. The real estate profession should be required to do no less. Does the agent you are considering have their team of strategic partners (mortgage, title, engineer, etc.) to guarantee you the best outcome? If not, keep looking.

These are my thoughts on the issue of choosing a real estate professional. The common belief is that you should interview three agents. I don’t agree. If the first one you interview fits the profile above, I would go forward. If it took more than three to find the right agent, I would be ok with that too.

Buying and selling real estate in today’s market requires the help of a true professional. Make sure you find one that will get you through your operation.

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