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Sharing is Caring

Here at KCM we are building a home for real estate information™.  Some of the time we are the ones publishing this information, and other times we like to share with you important articles written outside the KCM Community.  Below is a list of articles from the past week that we feel our community members should have an up-close and personal look at.  You will notice that the articles are pulled from a wide variety of sources; we hope this will give a more objective look to the larger real estate picture.

Take a look and tell us what you think:

Contracts Down: Is Housing Headed for Double-Dip? (ABC  News) There was a continuous stream of great news for Real state over the last several months. Yet,  we may still have some stormy seas ahead.


Bair Weighs Loan Principal Cuts to Fight Foreclosure (Bloomberg) Just a few months ago ‘cram downs’ seemed like a dead issue. However, with foreclosures continuing to mount, there is new conversation going on about their possibility.


Fed Plan to Stop Buying Mortgages Feeds Recovery Worries (WSJ) Will interest rates start to rise ‘quickly and dramatically’? What affect will that have on the housing industry’s recovery?


Walk Away From Your Mortgage! (New York Times) Even the New York Times seems to be giving the ‘green light’ to walking away from your mortgage obligation.


U.S. apartment vacancy rate hits 30-year high (Reuters) Investors have been purchasing real estate convinced that the rental market  will be strong because of the number of families forced from their homes through foreclosures. Yet, the facts show the rental market is weakening.


65% Predict Three Years or More For Housing Market To Recover (Rasmussen Reports) Further proof that people are beginning to accept that the current housing market will take time to recover.


Mortgage Demand Near 6-Month Low as Rates Jump (CNBC) Interest rising is creating challenges for both buyers and people looking to refinance.


Lenders are hard-pressed to keep up with the demand of short sales (NJ.com) Foreclosures are mounting and the low number of modifications have been disappointing. People are beginning to flock to the short sale option.


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Looking through these articles you can see that the goal of the KCM Community is to keep its members up-to-date with the latest and most important real estate information published on the internet.  One of the ways we distribute this information is (right here!) on our blog with an in-depth daily post that gathers and synthesizes information in order to tell its story more clearly.  Another way we distribute information is through our KCM Connect (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), which allows us to share more information on a quicker and more direct basis.

We believe sharing good information helps everyone involved.  That is why we’ve provided you with several different options for sharing our articles:

1. If you have a following on Twitter– click the button towards the top right to “ReTweet” a popular article.

2. If you do most of your communication through Facebook– share the information by clicking the “Facebook Share Button” on the bottom-right of each article.

3. Do you need more options for sharing this information?  Click the long narrow “Share/Save” button, which allows you to share an article on a myriad of platforms, e-mail the article to a friend or colleague, and/or save it as a bookmark so you can come back to the article(s) more readily.

Again, sharing good information helps everyone involved.  We hope that we can continue to provide you with current and important information on today’s real estate market.  And we hope that you will continue to share this information with others.

Here for you,

The KCM Crew

PS:  Let us know how we’re doing or offer suggestions by using the comments section below.

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