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KCM Weekend Library Links

Good Saturday morning afternoon!

We apologize for not being as active on our Twitter and Facebook accounts the past few days.  During our tour of New England & Western NY, we were hurdling one obstacle after the other: from cancelled flights, to non-stop-middle-of-the-night-blizzard driving (it’s a word, look it up), to abominable snowmen– you name it, we faced it. But the show must go on, and the work must continue!

That is why we are bringing you all the articles we sent (and should have sent) from last week all in one blog post.  We hope this makes it easy for you to track down any articles you may have missed and gives you a little extra reading material with your morning coffee this weekend.  (We don’t expect you to read all 42 articles below. But feel free to skim down and read the ones that sound appealing to you.)

-The KCM Crew

It is a sad state of affairs, isn’t it.

Bringing back the old FHA assistance plans?

Obama says no ‘cram downs’…yet.

For those dealing with investors – this one is for you!

Let’s give modifications one more try?

The 10 must have’s in today’s new homes

10 best cities to buy in if you are renting

Answering those questions on the home buyer tax credit

Do we still believe modifications can halt foreclosures?

Does their greed have no boundaries?

… 10 down… 32 to go!

Yet more proof they are getting ready for a rash of Short Sales?

Are the pieces of the puzzle for Short Sale reform being put together?

Fed winding-down plan that kept interest rates low.

Housing prices regain some strength in 2009

House prices should remain stong through the first quarter

Affect of new FHA guidelines not as bad as originally thought?

The NYT is saying the delinquency rate is TOO LOW.

In order for the economy to recover, housing must lead the way.

Existing Home Sales Down

Prices off 5.7% from last year

Modification relief even before you fall behind

… You’re halfway there!!

What will happen when the Fed exits the mortgage markets?

December existing home sales tumble at fastest pace on record

10 Red Flags when buying a house

What is going to happen to interest rates?

Should we just let everyone go to foreclosure?

NYT’s take on the existing sales report

FHFA’s new House Price Index

More than half of modifications re-default – what’s the plan?

A different look at ‘walking away’.

Why are modifications not more effective?

An additional 6 million houses coming to market?

… just 10 more!

Jumbo rates at historic lows

Good graph on home sales and affect of tax credit

We may be hitting bottom. Except for foreclosures flooding the market. WHAT?

Upper end home sales beginning to see some light.

Previewing the Spring Home-Shopping Season

Calculating if you should walk away from your mortgage? By the New York Times?

Bulls and Bears on housing

Will those who DON’T walk away be the ones seen as immoral?

Job and Mortgage Woes Threaten New Foreclosure Wave

The New York Times take on the New Construction Report

… and done!

Is this something the KCM Crew should be doing every weekend?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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5 replies
  1. Stacy Grove
    Stacy Grove says:

    Umm… yes! What a service to those of us that would love the knowledge but don’t have the time/assistants to do all the skimming! Will retweet and share, and give you lots and lots of kudos! ;) Thanks for all you do!

  2. The KCM Crew
    The KCM Crew says:

    No problem, Stacy! Thank you for all the comments and all the retweets. We’ll see what we can do about making the “Weekend Library Links” a permanent fixture of the KCM Blog.

    (And if you’re really looking for extra time/assistants, take a look at keepingcurrentmatters.com. We provide agents with a lot of the tools and insights needed to make their job easier. Don’t mean to plug, just think it could help.)

    Keep spreading good information!

  3. The KCM Crew
    The KCM Crew says:

    Okay, so three definite “YES”s make KCM Weekend Library Links a GO!

    (And next time we’ll see if we can put them into categories. Hopefully this will make the links easier to browse.)

    Thanks for the feedback, and keep sharing good information!


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