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KCM Weekend Library Links

Back by popular demand!  Here are 46 links we posted through our Facebook, Twitter and KCM Blog outlets in the past week.  There are a lot of different things happening in the real estate industry as of late, so be sure to browse the articles and read whichever ones seem appealing to you.

If you have any suggestions or requests, let us know in the comment section below and we’ll see if we can lend a hand.

Should the HVCC remain?

Maybe walking away doesn’t make sense after all.

3 million foreclosures!?!

Fed finishing up with mortgages

Tax Credit extension possible?

Even the White House depreciated in value!

NPR podcast on ‘walking away’ from your mortgage obligation.

Why are more banks NOT foreclosing on delinquent mortgages?

Why are people ‘walking away’ from their homes?

Existing-Home Sales Were Up in ’09.

… First 10 down, only 36 to go…

Changes to HAMP: Docs Required Upfront

FHA suspends anti-flipping rules

A different opinion on where rates will go after Fed exits the market.

Existing Home sales drop 16.7%

Some good economic news

Fannie to offer closing cost aid on foreclosures

PBS with Professors Case and Shiller

10 years to a housing recovery?

What you need to know about interest rates this week

Further proof that companies are preparing for a rash of ‘short sales’

Banks are revving up for more ‘short sales’. Will it matter?

S&P Case Shiller says prices to drop

Delinquency rates still rising

… Half-way there!  Keep going…

More on the challenges with Option Arms

Housing and Mortgage Debt

More discussion on why rates will rise after the Fed exits

Can all this government intervention lead to a second bubble?

What could cause the Fed to re-enter the MBS market?

Top 5 cities where prices are plummeting

Short sales soar while foreclosure sales slacken

The Housing Market in Charts

Insight on the appraisal process

Is ‘walking away’ gaining momentum?

Over 9% of FHA loans are at 90+ days delinquent

Modification requirements for those NOT behind in payments

Vacancy Rates still high but not increasing over last year

… Last 10!  You’re almost finished…

Government says modifications are not always the answer; it is time for more short sales

The ratio between pending home sales and actual closings has changed

Home ownership rate down, vacancy rates up

More US consumers pay credit card before mortgage

More on the Fed’s exit from the mortgage market

Great graphs explaining the potential rash of ‘walk aways’

Will price increase prove sustainable?

You can ‘walk away’. But someone may be coming after you.

Vacant houses could be another big story in 2010

Housing demand in the next 10 years

… That’s it.  This week’s articles– DONE!

We hope these helped.  Feel free to add more articles if you wish in the comment section. There is plenty of information out there, so let’s make sure we share it!

-The KCM Crew

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