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KCM Weekend Library Links

Hey there KCM Community!

Here are the 41 articles we posted (or should have posted) from the past week.  Let us know if we left any good ones out!  Just post them in the comments section below.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and remember– keep sharing good information!

Here for you,

The KCM Crew


Fewer People Late Paying Mortgage. WHAT!?!

WSJ on the Mortgage Bankers’ delinquency report

Some sensible reporting on the Delinquency Report

Calculated Risk with a great visual on delinquencies


Modifications WILL NOT stop foreclosures

Can living near the train station limit foreclosures?

Foreclosures drying up?

High FICO Scores Pay Credit Card Before Mortgage

Housing Market

Christian Science Monitor on Why You Should Buy Now!

The boy who cried housing recovery!

Freddie Mac Report

Business Week: Fed programs stabilized housing market

Existing Home Sales Report from NAR


How lenders decide whether to modify your mortgage

A year later reality sets in on housing fixes

New mod plan by MBA for unemployed

FDIC Considering ‘cram downs’

Obama getting tough?


Should you buy now before mortgage rates rise?

Jumbo Mortgage Market Starting to Thaw

Mortgage rates heading up?

Negative Equity

24% of Homes Underwater

New Construction

Census New Construction Report


High end properties starting to adjust prices

Prices swing up to end 2009

Homeowners finally becoming more realistic

As we have said, it’s all about pricing

Dry your eyes and lower the price

WSJ on the Case Shiller Report

NYT on the Case Shiller Report

Where prices are going up

Homeowners are becoming more realistic

Zillow and appraisers fight over home values

Duck! Watch out for falling home prices

Prices still have a way to fall

Short Sales

New York Times on Why a Short Sale is Better Than a Foreclosure

Short Sales Surge

Automated Short Sales on the Way?

MBA trying to figure out foreclosure alternatives

Tax Credit

Will Congress Extend the Home Buyer Tax Credit?

Walk Away

Now Market Watch (WSJ) is Saying to ‘Walk Away’

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