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Is the New York Times Suggesting You Buy a Home?

We do a tremendous amount of research each week. Occasionally we see a news source stressing a certain point. It was interesting to see the articles on housing published at the New York Times over the last several days. It seems they might be of the belief that now is the time to buy a home. Let’s review the articles.

4/19/2010 – Should You Buy or Rent a Home? Cost Gap Narrows

The article begins:

Thinking of buying a home? Consider this: The gap between monthly rents and mortgage payments is at its lowest level in almost 20 years.

In some markets, the difference can be less than $100, according to a national study conducted for The Associated Press by Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Services.

The study, part of a week-long look at homeownership by the AP, found years of falling home prices and low interest rates have created the ultimate buyer’s market.

The article goes on to give both sides but it leaves no doubt in the reader’s mind that purchasing a home makes great sense right now.

4/20/2010 – How to Take the Stress Out of Buying a Home

Here they explain that it isn’t hard if you have the proper help:

A combination of government incentives and near record-low mortgage rates has prompted legions of first-time homebuyers to take the plunge. Buying a home can be exciting, yet daunting because it’s a complicated process with potential pitfalls at every step. But, it doesn’t have to cause anxiety if you plan and find the right professional help.

4/20/2010 – 5 Tips for Cleaning Up Your Credit to Buy a Home

In this article, they explain if you can’t buy now because of your credit you can improve your credit in order to buy one at a later date.

Credit problems are often an obstacle to buying a first home. You can take steps to improve your credit score and increase your chances of getting approved for a mortgage on better terms. As a starting point it’s critical to look at your credit report well in advance and take steps to fix any problems.

What does this mean to you?

If the New York Times is encouraging their readers to consider buying and giving advice how to do it, maybe it’s time to buy.

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