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What Makes a Real Estate Professional?

People often ask us how they should determine with whom they should list their house. Aren’t real estate agents really all the same? Don’t they all do the same thing? Shouldn’t I just hire the one that charges me the lowest commission rate?

The answer to each of these questions is NO!

In any other profession, there are good and not so good practitioners. Real estate is no different. How long it will take to sell your home will be determined by the quality of agent you hire. The price you will receive will be determined by the agent you select.

How can you tell the pretenders from the professionals?

Here is a good checklist to use when interviewing potential agents:

The pretenders tell you what you want to hear. The professionals tell you everything you need to know.

The pretenders worry about your feelings and place great emphasis on whether or not you will like them. The professionals worry about your family and how they can help.

The pretenders are afraid you will ask a lot of questions about the changes in the current real estate market. The professionals take the time to simply and effectively explain your options in today’s rapidly evolving market.

The pretenders will spend the majority of time talking about themselves and their company. The professionals will spend the majority of time talking about your family’s needs and goals and how they plan to help you reach them.

The pretenders think you hired them to list the house. The professionals realize you hired them to do one thing – get the house sold.

We hope we helped you do two things:

  • Realize there are major differences in the professionalism of real estate agents
  • There is a way to determine the true professional during the interview process.


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4 replies
  1. Carole Sanek
    Carole Sanek says:

    I have to thank you again for giving me fodder for my Monday blog. Of course I shared your blog, and after it is published it will get pinged out to 8 more blog sites. Keep them coming you inspire me to elaborate.


  2. Frank Jewett
    Frank Jewett says:

    The pretenders say “It’s your house, you decide the price you want.” Some of them even say this in their newspaper ads. Amazing! If homeowners were capable of setting the right price, why would they need the expertise of agents?

  3. James Barath in Northwest Indiana
    James Barath in Northwest Indiana says:

    Although every Realtor is required to be licensed, that is just the beginning. The real estate profession is odd in the fact that your professionalism does not always translate into an equivalent price. I only mention this because most consumers make quick judgment by the cost of the relationship.

    For instance, if you needed the best heart surgeon would you look for the cheapest? And would the best heart surgeon offer their services at the lowest prices? Only in real estate can you find the best and worst for the exact same price. It should be no surprise that consumers are so confused about who really is a real estate professional.

  4. Maui Realtor
    Maui Realtor says:

    Great info for potential sellers. Unfortunately, too many sellers go with whoever will list their home at the highest price for the lowest commission (which is obviously not the best formula to get a property SOLD).


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