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5 Reasons You Should Use a Real Estate Professional

Should you spend the money on a real estate commission or save that money by selling your home by yourself? That is a question many home sellers ask themselves. Today, we want to discuss why it is crucial to have a true professional guiding you through the minefield of challenges that exist in the current real estate market.

The housing market today is more challenging than it has ever been and seems to be becoming more difficult each day. What impact will foreclosures have on prices? Which loan products that were available just last month are no longer available? How do you convince perspective purchasers to pull the trigger on an offer when everyone is telling them that they should see another 100 houses before they make a decision? These are tough questions for a trained, experienced professional.  The lay person would find it almost impossible to keep abreast of this rapidly evolving industry.

Here are five important reasons to use a real estate professional:

1. Pricing Is Difficult

Just a few years ago, you didn’t have to worry about overpricing your home. If it was too high, all you needed to do was wait as historic appreciation was taking place. The situation is quite different today. With experts calling for another drop in home values, overpricing your property will cost you time. In this market, time costs you money. A professional real estate agent will discuss how increasing inventory could dramatically impact the value of your property in the months to come. They will help you set the right price in today’s market.

2. Negotiating Ability Is Crucial

Buyers today have an almost unlimited supply of homes from which to choose. They realize that puts them in a great negotiating position. Most buyers are now being represented by an agent. Sellers need to also be represented by a professional expert trained to negotiate real estate contracts.

3. Mortgaging Is Key to the Deal

The biggest impact of the housing market collapse is that lending standards are much stricter today than they were a few short years ago. Rules are constantly changing. Even FHA has gone through a guidelines overhaul in the last several months. You need a real estate expert who has teamed up with a knowledgeable mortgage professional to make sure that the buyer in the deal is in fact capable of obtaining a mortgage. Losing time with an unqualified buyer costs you money in a market where prices are falling.

4. Your Family’s Safety

We have always found it puzzling that the same person that will lock every door and window and set the alarm today will then allow total strangers into their house tomorrow. The real estate industry trains its practitioners to take steps to protect themselves and their clients. Take advantage of putting a person between you and the person calling on an ad or yard sign.

5. You Probably Have More Important Things to Do

Selling a home could turn into a full time job. Learning the necessary disclosures, coordinating the dates of your closings, dealing with a challenge regarding your appraisal and re-negotiating the offer after an engineer’s report are just a few of the concerns you may face. You would probably be better of spending that time with the items important to you and your family and leaving the challenges to your agent.

Bottom Line

To make sure the sale of your home is handled professionally – hire a trained professional. In the long run, you will wind-up with more money in your pocket and have fewer challenges with the move.

We missed one of the most important reasons to use a professional – Exposure to Potential Purchasers. We cover that here.

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16 replies
  1. Sharon Steele
    Sharon Steele says:

    Great post…. totally agree. I would also add that a good Realtor is vital to the MARKETING of the home. Developing an effective marketing strategy is crucial when selling a home, and finding an agent with the skills and savvy to get the home seen is vital.

  2. Nigel J. Terry
    Nigel J. Terry says:

    Great post. As Realtors we have to do more to explain to sellers why they need us. Too often they think that all we do is put a sign in the yard and put it in MLS. In today’s market it takes so much more to get a home sold. Many sellers also completely fail to understand all of the negotiation and project management that needs to happen related to repairs and other issues between Contract and Closing.

  3. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    Great post….just wish every real estate professional and ancillary service would use “brokerage fee” rather than “commission” as some sellers still don’t realize the facts of what happens to that fee.

  4. Gene Taylor
    Gene Taylor says:

    As always, great information. The negotiating piece is huge in our current market. Pricing is more critical than ever. Thank you for the excellent reminders we need on a daily basis.

  5. Shawn Shackelton
    Shawn Shackelton says:

    All so true! People are so scared to sell too low, pay too much (for both a home &/or commission) and loose control of the process, but they need to remember that most of us are there to help them through a difficult time. Real estate is not easy, especially today. Emotions run high, so having someone there to honestly help you through the process can not only save you time & money but sanity.

  6. Debbie Meiliken
    Debbie Meiliken says:

    In fact the right real estate agent can actually get a home owner 10 to 15% more than they would be able to on their own.
    1. Brokers have the most motivated buyers. If a buyer needs to buy soon they will be working with Realtors.
    2. People that are buying without an agent are looking to “scoop” the property at a really cheap price.
    2. Realtors are the best at negotiating because they know the market. They can look at all the comparables that have sold and have the inside scoop.
    3.Realtors have access to all the latest marketing tools that an agent can amortize over all their listings. If a home owner had to buy features and place ads on all the internet sites, it would cost them a $1000.
    If a home owner doesn’t do all the advertising and they do find a buyer, how do they know if that is the best price that they could have gotten.

  7. Barbara Sugg
    Barbara Sugg says:

    Whether a Client is buying or selling they need a professional agent to protect their interests. Too many times mistakes are made because clients don’t understand processes of closing on a home. Clients don’t understand how crucial a Buyer’s Agent can be to protecting their interests when searching and negotiating a successful contract that benefits them and not just the Seller. A Buyer’s Agent and a Seller’s Agent can work together to protect their clients interests and perform their Fiduciary Duties as prescribed by law.

  8. Steve Schwartz
    Steve Schwartz says:

    So true. The general public would (most likely) not try to represent themselves in a court of law in a high stakes case, nor would they operate on themselves if they needed serious medical care. So I’m always baffled by the attitude about not wanting a Realtor to protect their interests in the largest transaction of their lives. There are over 50 “moving parts” to a real estate transaction, letting even 1 fall through the cracks can make a deal fall apart. Great Realtors are like Project Managers, overseeing the process, and making sure nothing slips through the cracks.

  9. Brannon Rice
    Brannon Rice says:

    Most of the time a Realtor can negotiate a much better price than a homeowner. Think about it, if a buyer is coming to a FSBO they are expecting to save the commissions too. They are expecting a BIG discount because a salesperson is not involved. For example, if a person buys a watch from a jewelry store and then never wears it and keeps it in the original packaging. How much could they sell it for on eBay or Craigslist? Not the retail price they bought it for sure. Buyers will expect a much cheaper price with a FSBO. That is not to mention all the other terms that must be negotiated and the repairs. Over 80% of contracts fall through because of the inspection issues and repairs. Another idea is around the premise of hiring a professional. Would you perform heart surgery on yourself? What if you were forced to represent yourself in a lawsuit? Would you handle that yourself? Lastly, I would highlight the fact that when you hire a professional, you normal get the best sell possible in that particular market. This is the GREATEST time to buy!


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