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How Should Your Home Be Marketed?

Differentiating a home from the massive inventory is difficult. In a world of information overload, building excitement about a single home (when there are “three just like it” for sale on the same block) is a monumental task. Really, MARKETING a home is an agent’s primary job. I mean, agents don’t determine price (the buyer does that), but agents know the role that price pays in a home’s marketing.

Marketing is what gets prospective buyers to look at a home. Better marketing, more prospective purchasers see a home. More prospective purchasers (i.e. more demand) ensures the highest possible sales price for the sellers (because they have limited supply- their one home).

Most agents take a shotgun approach. Market the home in general print publications. Get on the local MLS. Promote the house on 50 different internet search websites. Drive traffic to their personal or company websites. Run the standard Open House.  And your home is now “present” among the 1000s of other homes that are competing for buyer attention. You can kill your prey (that ONE perfect buyer for your home) with a shotgun, but you are going to have more success with a rifle…..a rifle with a laser guidance system.

Some “outside the box” approaches to Target Marketing:

  1. Geographic Marketing – The best agents are aware of migration patterns.  They know that “most people who buy in a neighborhood, come from___________.”  Usually people move from one part of town to another (an in-town upgrade).  They already know the schools, shopping and houses of worship.  That is obvious, isn’t it?  But, top agents know what other towns historically are feeding new buyers into your neighborhood.  And they have a marketing plan that addresses that phenomenon.
  2. Employment Marketing – In most marketplaces, there is a type of buyer profile that is moving into a neighborhood. It’s logical because of income levels, job security, proximity to the place of work, and so on.  Maybe it is law enforcement personnel, or teachers, or doctors. Is your agent finding unique publications, websites or Facebook Pages to promote your home on to make the type of likely employment of a buyer be cognoscente of your home?
  3. Generational Marketing – Most homes have an appeal to buyers at a certain stage of life. Single, married, married with kids, empty nesters, etc. How does your agent’s marketing plan excite someone based on their stage of life? 50 websites isn’t enough. Facebook Fan Pages? Print publications that target that segment? Segmented databases (of renters, as an example)? Text messaging? Public Seminars?

By marketing in non-traditional ways to TARGET the most likely buyer of a home, you can escape the clutter of the arena everyone else is competing in AND increase the likelihood of grabbing the attention of an actual buyer. Geography, Employment and Generational approaches need to be examined. The professional agent of today has incorporated some, or all, of these concepts into their business. And today, you need the most professional of agent working on your behalf.

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6 replies
  1. Michelle Lynne
    Michelle Lynne says:

    GREAT GREAT GREAT ARTICLE! I especially liked the generational marketing point and agree 110% with you that it is a key factor in marketing a property.

    I am the owner of a real estate staging firm in Dallas, and staging a home to appeal to the target market is something we do by researching the demographics of the neighborhood and then applying both design psychology & organizational psychology geared towards that identified segment of the population. This is especially pertinent with the vacant properties where we can utilize our inventory to create the image of a specific lifestyle. In any market, it is imperative that your property creates DESIRE and you have to know who you are directing your efforts to in order to be the most successful (translation: to get the highest offer in the shortest time).

  2. Rob Jenson
    Rob Jenson says:

    Good call Dean! I’d love to hear some agents share some stories on what they are doing increase their odds of exposing the home to the right buyer. Most general property market just brings in more buyers in general and serves the purpose of getting more exposure and more listings for the agent. But I think seller should be asking agents for proof of how often they bring their own buyer to their listing. To me, this is the only thing that shows how effective their marketing really is. Yes, with 16,000 other agents in Las Vegas, the odds are that the MLS will bring the buyer along with their agent. But I’ve got the baid (the house) so how often do I double end deals? Not enough (although my buyer agents would fairly represent the buyer).


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