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Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity for Buyers?

Business Insider’s Money Game interviewed real estate expert Barbara Corcoran earlier this week. This is what she said about buying in this market:

“We have a regular real estate miracle happening right now. We not only have record low prices, but we also have cheap money.”

A second real estate icon, Donald Trump,  just a few weeks ago said:

“This is a great time to go out and buy a house. And if you do, in 10 years you’re going to look back and say, ‘You know, I‘m glad I listened to Donald Trump’.”

Maybe it’s time to start listening to the people who have made fortunes buying and selling real estate. They may know best!!

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9 replies
  1. Annie
    Annie says:

    We have purchased 20 homes in 25 years some with cash most with loans. Now the banks are treating us like we have theplegue. How do we get to buy more in these great times to buy. They are saying any more than 4 mortgages we can’t have loan! Please explain why this is and can I change it.??

  2. Adam
    Adam says:

    Cash will always be king but there are ways to manage your mortgages within the residential investor limitation. Some investors will go up to 10 mortgages before considering you a commercial investor i.e. LLC. Either way there are some options for you but it will take some diligent work from your lender or bank.



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