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Happy Birthday To Me

Turning 49 on Monday, I was struck about how different the world of communication has become. In years past, a dozen friends would have called me…a few would have even sent me a card in the mail. But this year, it was very different. Only two calls were received and no regular mail. But, I was overwhelmed with well wishes….more than 200 Facebook posts, 25 text messages, 20 e-mails, and even three people Skype’d messages to me.

All this got me to thinking. The transformation of how we communicate is crystal clear. However, I’m not sure we have all adjusted our businesses to mirror the paradigm shift we have seen in our culture?

I knew the numbers….more than 500,000,000 on Facebook, but it’s so much more than that. It IS a community. It IS a network. It is a place where people congregate to celebrate, whine, and ask for advice.  How has the real estate agent or loan officer you are doing business with positioned themselves on Facebook? Are they an expert? Are they a respected resource of information? Are they “friends” with the right networks? Are they active in postings? Or are all you see are pictures of a less-than-professional nature? Or are the spending hours on Farmville that could be spent selling their current inventory? You need to be working with people who have a social media PLAN.

Text messaging is a near requirement for buyers under 35 years old. Those Generation X and Generation Y buyers want information now, at their fingertips, without having to talk to anyone. Has your agent provided you with a text solution that attracts those buyers?

E-mail is almost passé, but still a required communication tool. Moreover, has your agent or loan officer moved into the world of auto-responders to improve turn times; and further into video e-mail and the connection of sight and sound.

And talking about sight and sound, is your agent talking to you via Skype. I love Skype. It’s a free video phone call through your computer that enables you to read body language, not just voice tone and levels. It today’s stressful environment, I think we need to enlist all our senses in assessing the emotions involved in the deals we are working on.

My major point today is that my birthday solidified my beliefs of how the real estate and mortgage industries need to represent the changing communication methods of those we serve. As a buyer or seller, you need to have a comfort level that your representatives are accessing the broadest number of qualified people or homes possible.

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2 replies
  1. Lilly
    Lilly says:

    Dean, perfect perfect perfect !!! Right on target and it’s something that agent have to embrace,or become irrelevant. But the problem is, it’s a generational and educational thing and like so many other things, realtors ignore the obvious. Happy belated birthday!

  2. Stephanie Spencer-Boldon
    Stephanie Spencer-Boldon says:

    HELP!!! Won’t somebody help me? I’m doing my best to catch up to the communications of the world today. I’m getting there but it’s a little intimidating. But I won’t give up until the fat lady sings. Dean, you’re turning 49, I’ll turn 63 on June ninth. The fact that you have this blog says a lot to me. Keep up the good work.


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