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Simple, Yet Deep

The KCM Crew, Dean Hartman and I attempt to write a quality post each and every day on this blog. However, perhaps the greatest insight ever delivered on this blog was in a comment posted yesterday by Nathan Hosier:

“We can remain afraid to buy and let all of the great deals out there pass us by as the investors snag them all and rent them back to us until we’re ready to buy. Or, we can go and buy ourselves and take advantage of the instant equity that we can gain.”

You can read more from Nathan on his blog: http://nathan-hosier.blogspot.com/

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4 replies
  1. Maxine Hollander
    Maxine Hollander says:

    I love Nathan’s sentiment and insight, however, with the media expounding daily how the real estate market in still in free fall and will not recover for years, I am looking for the tool to convince the buyer that NOW is the time to buy, rather than waiting for prices to decline even further.
    They are watching homes they might have been interested in a few months ago still on the market and much lower in price. Convinced they will go lower still.
    The challenge to get them off the fence is daunting.
    HELP!! :)

  2. Don Bass
    Don Bass says:

    I would just tell them that as they are waiting for prices to drop further chances are that interest rates are going to rise. Even if the interest rate just rises 1 percent, which is still a great rate, it would take a price drop of 10% to get the same payment as they would have if they just bought now. Secondly, I would show them how to think like a banker instead of a borrower and that they can have the home paid off in 6-10 years along with all of their other debt without spending one additional dollar per month than any other agent and loan officer would have them spend on the same house. Borrower’s look at interest rate, bankers look at interest paid. We need to stop focusing on the rate and start focusing on how much we pay the banks, that is where our money is really lost.

  3. Ann Malbon
    Ann Malbon says:

    I agree with Maxine! By the time these buyers decide to take the plunge, prices and interest rates will have gone up. Some homes are sitting on the market, many that are priced properly are moving off. People are going to be looking in their rear view mirrors wondering what happened.


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