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What It Means To Be an ‘EXPERT’ in Real Estate

If you are either buying or selling a home in today’s market, you need a real estate expert. However, we must realize what the term ‘expert’ actually means. An expert in any area cannot give perfect advice as no one can predict the future. But they can give excellent advice based on their insight into their field.

If you go to an attorney with a legal challenge, he/she will look over your case and give you your options. They realize they cannot guarantee the outcome of any of the options. Still, they give the best advice possible and allow you to decide the option with which you feel most comfortable. They then will put together a strategy which hopefully will bring about the most favorable conclusion.

If you go to a doctor with a serious ailment, he/she will give you your options and work with you to develop the best treatment program. They cannot guarantee any program’s success. They will, however, monitor your progress and adjust your treatments or medications. They will stand next to you until the best result is achieved.

Real estate is no different. A true real estate professional will understand your options and simply and effectively explain them to you and your family. Once you chose an option, they will strategize a plan to help you accomplish your goals. They will standby you as the process evolves and will help you make the necessary adjustments if necessary.

They cannot see the future any better than doctors or attorneys and thus their advice will never be perfect. However, just like those other professionals, an expert agent will give you excellent advice that will bring about the best possible outcome.

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4 replies
  1. Carl S
    Carl S says:

    True to a point. The problem with your analogy is “finding” a real estate professional. Most markets have a handful out of thousands of licensees. Most customers, especially first timers have no idea that advertising your services as a licensed Realtor doesn’t equate with knowing anything more than they do about real estate. After 27 years as a real estate I’ve finally had enough of this charade promoted by NAR. I’m tired of hearing from people how they discovered that their Realtor wasn’t worth a warm glass of spit “after” the commission was already paid. Five to thirty years before another opportunity to work for these customers might arise. I wonder if they’ll remember me then? I doubt it. But they’ll never forget the bad agent they worked with last time.

  2. RMGH
    RMGH says:

    What Carl says is true and the industry is blind, deaf and dumb to this fact.  We brush it aside, wash it away and otherwise bamboozle the public with a load of hype. But this is why the general public think of us as nothing more than an “unfortunate necessity.”  But NAR gets rich over all the fees, brokerages are addicted to stuffing their offices with warm bodies – so I don’t see it changing any time soon.  

  3. Michael Iossa
    Michael Iossa says:

    The NAR designations are simply a way to help agents market themselves to the public. And perhaps stand out amongst peers. It’s a marketing tool…it’s basic sales.  Surely, some of the information taught is helpful and the knowledge gained through classroom/webinar training will benefit the client. A professional designation is a great tool to use to marketing oneself to a niche market but it doesn’t guarantee someone is an expert. Just about all other professions use designations within their industries.


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