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F-A-B is Dead! Long Live N-A-R

Old-school selling followed a basic formula: Feature-Advantage-Benefit (F-A-B). You would start off telling the perspective customer about everything your product/service does; then tell them the advantages to its use and then explain the benefit the customer would get by purchasing it. This required the consumer to be patient while you went on extolling the virtues of your item without ever asking what their needs were.

Today, the consumer wants to know immediately that we are in fact concerned about their needs and the needs of their family. F-A-B will no longer work. We must start every sales call discussing the needs of the consumer before we ever talk about how great we believe our service to be. The selling formula now is Needs-Answers-Resources (N-A-R). We must start with the clients’ needs and then offer the generic answers that will answer those needs. Only after we have accomplished the first two steps, can we discuss the resources we and our company have that will help the consumer reach their goals.

How does this apply to real estate?

The seller is usually only interested in the answers to four questions:

  1. Can you sell my house?
  2. Can you get me the best price available?
  3. Can you do it in the shortest time possible?
  4. Can you take care of all the hassles that will occur during the selling process?

(The purchaser will probably have similar questions on the buy side.)

Anything we say that doesn’t pertain to these four questions is probably a waste of their time and ours.

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