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Appraisal Challenges [INFOGRAPHIC]


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6 replies
  1. David Mott
    David Mott says:

    I wonder if appraisers are still using short sale prices or foreclosure prices in their CMA? If so, the real estate market is still being manipulated. The insurance agencies don’t do that to assess value (they use a rebuild rate), nor does the county assigning taxable value.

  2. Marco LaPadura
    Marco LaPadura says:

    This is great. In a market where there are so many misconceptions about value, It’s good to see it rationalized in this manner. If I’m reading these correctly then 35% of all transactions run into some sort of appraisal problem.

  3. BReal
    BReal says:

    Why do you find the graphic so offensive? I guess it depends how you approach it. This graphic could easily be displayed on an appraisal site to depict the issues that appraisers have with defending their work and valuing properties. If your opinion is different than a seller, buyer or Realtor, then you are having these issues as well. It’s just information displayed simply; anyone could use it to their advantage or disadvantage, depending upon the presentation. I am sure there are many other articles and graphics available about inspections and lender issues. None of which would specifically point a finger at the service provider; just point out that there can be delays based on opinions and negotiations caused by any party involved in the transaction.


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