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Barbara Corcoran to Move-Up Buyers: DO IT NOW!

Barbara Corcoran on the TV Show Fast Money:

“Right now, if you are upgrading to a bigger house, even if you’re selling at 10% off, you buy your new house at 10% off. Price appreciation is going to go much higher than people anticipate.”

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6 replies
  1. Michael Iossa
    Michael Iossa says:

    While negotiating a great price is an important part of the equation, the value of securing great financing terms cannot be overstated. The inherent risk in waiting for the market to hit bottom is that you’ll also miss out on the best interest rates available. The real estate market in the Madison, Summit and the Chatham NJ area is full of opportunities for qualified home buyers.

  2. Mark Slade
    Mark Slade says:

    When representing my buyer clients, I always make sure that they understand that working with what we do know–today’s prices combined with today’s interest rates–allows for sound decision-making and waiting and then working with unknown interest rates and home values can potentially backfire.

  3. Margaret Goss
    Margaret Goss says:

    Upgrading at a discount will offset the loss of a discount because of the move-up price differential. Plus, current low interest rates cannot last forever. It makes sense to do it now – waiting could actually cost move-up buyers money.

  4. Agueda
    Agueda says:

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