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Look Forward to Maximize Your Opportunities

For Agents’ Eyes Only…

Each Thursday we post a blog to help real estate professionals understand how they can better assist their buyers and sellers navigate the current real estate market. Today, we want to discuss business planning for next year. – The KCM Crew

Every December, agents put the final touches on a business plan designed to maximize their earning potential the following year. The challenge with many of these plans is that they only look back on the successes of the previous 12 months instead of also looking forward to any new opportunities that will develop over the next 12 months.

In 2010, Apple didn’t just plan to increase sales of their desktop and laptop computers. They realized there was a need for a tablet computer and thus presented us with the iPad in January of that year. Because they were forward thinking, they were first to the market with this new form of computing which enabled them to dominate market share.

What will be the major opportunities in real estate in 2013?

We have put together our TOP 5 OPPORTUNITIES for 2013 and will share them on a free webinar next week.

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