The Power of Visuals on Facebook

Many agents realize the importance of building a powerful social media strategy. The cornerstone of any such strategy is Facebook, the social utility that connects 93% of American adults. But how is the best way to build a strong Facebook presence? More and more studies reveal that the posting of strong visuals is the best way […]

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What the Case Shiller Report is Actually Telling Us

Case Shiller released their latest Home Price Index yesterday. The headlines that followed were true but, in our opinion, a little misleading. Here are some of the highlights of the report that have dominated major media coverage: Home prices rose 5.5% in the 12 months ending in November 2012 (the latest data available). In the […]

Inventory: Only Challenge to the Real Estate Recovery

The real estate market is in the midst of a major comeback. Sales are greater than any time since 2007. Consumer confidence is increasing. Economists are now saying housing is the major tailwind to our nation’s overall economic recovery. However, there is one major challenge that could stall the housing market: a lack of inventory. […]


5 Reasons You Should List Your House TODAY!

Many homeowners are waiting until the Spring ‘buying season’ to list their homes for sale. Here are five reasons why that might not make sense this year: 1.) Demand Is High Homes are selling at a pace not seen since 2007. The most recent Existing Home Sales Report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) showed that […]


Negative Equity: The Latest Statistics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Negative Equity


Is Today the Day You Get into Focus?

Today, we are reposting a blog written by our friend Matthew Ferrara (pictured below). – The KCM Crew Insights come in ordinary moments. At dinner recently, some friends were talking about their hundreds of internet bookmarks they never return to. We’d all formed the same habit of opening ten tabs of pages we “wanted to […]

Will 20% Soon Be the Minimum Down Payment on a Home?

Several government agencies are reviewing data to determine what will be the minimum down payment required under the new Qualified Residential Mortgage (QRM) guidelines scheduled to be revealed in the next few months. In the original Mortgage Market Note issued by the FHFA, it was suggested that loan-to-value (the percentage of the overall purchase price […]

Foreclosure Trends VERY Different in Different Markets

Last week, RealtyTrac released their Year-End 2012 U.S. Foreclosure Market Report™. The report revealed foreclosure trends over the past few years. Here are a few of the key findings: A total of 2,304,941 foreclosure filings — default notices, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions — were reported on 1,836,634 U.S. properties in 2012, down 3 percent […]

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There Are Still Some Bears Out There!

Most real estate analysts are rather bullish on the housing market right now. Sales, pending contracts, prices and new construction starts are all up. The Home Price Expectation Survey released last month revealed a sense of optimism among the experts surveyed regarding home values over the next five years. However, not everyone is buying into […]


What It Took to Get a Mortgage in 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]

2012 in review

Real Estate Branding: YOUR Promise to the Consumer

The first rule of marketing is “10% Different is 100% Better”. The question therefore becomes: What makes you any different than other competitors in the marketplace? You must decide what differentiates you from the next industry professional. We are not talking about simple concepts like we give great customer service or we are really trustworthy. Everyone makes such claims. You are looking […]


Google & NAR’s Study on Digital Home Buying

Google and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) collaborated on a study looking at the digital usage of today’s home buyer. The study found that buyers are relying more and more on the Internet as they search for good real estate information: “Nine in 10 home buyers today rely on the internet as one of […]

The QM Announcement and What It Means to Real Estate

For over a year, we have been reporting on the impact that the new regulations being created for the Qualified Mortgage (QM) and the Qualified Residential Mortgage (QRM) would have on the housing market. Last week, the Consumer Finance Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced its rules for a qualified mortgage. Let’s take a look at […]

Attention Agents: FREE Facebook Webinar

The KCM CrewWe believe every family should feel confident when buying & selling a home. KCM helps real estate professionals reach these families & enables the agent to simply & effectively explain a complex housing market. Take a 14-Day Free Trial of our monthly membership to see how we can help you!


Belief in Homeownership by Age Group [INFOGRAPHIC]

Belief in Homeownership

Interview with Pam O’Connor, President/CEO of LeadingRE

In February 2013, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, a collection of over 500 of the finest residential real estate firms around the globe, will be hosting the first-ever LeadingRE Performance SUMMIT for Sales Associates. The KCM Crew had the opportunity to chat with Pam O’Connor, President/CEO of LeadingRE, about her views on the […]


Shadow Inventory and Its Impact on Prices

Many analysts differ on what impact shadow inventory will have on house values in 2013. Some warn that these distressed properties will still play a major role in limiting appreciation. Others believe that the increases in buyer demand will more than offset the increase in supply. The only thing on which everyone agrees is that […]

What Will it Take to Reach Your Goals in 2013?

Today, we are reposting a blog written by our friend Matthew Ferrara. He gives us 13 ways to make 2013 a great year. – The KCM Crew What will it take to reach your goals this year? Well, you could wait around for the politicians, economists and technology geeks to dream up with some fancy new […]

10 Biggest Issues for New Construction in 2013

Builder Magazine recently ran an article revealing the Top Ten Issues that will impact new construction in 2013. Impact of Political Decisions Energy Efficiency Rebounding Prices Startups and Startovers Need for Land Demand for Multifamily Housing Foreclosures and Rentals Need for Labor Desire for the Micro House Loss of Some Industry Leaders You may want to […]

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How Small Cutbacks Lead to Great Savings [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Small Cutbacks Lead to Great Savings

Attention All Agents: Start Your 2013 Off Right!

When agents do their business plan each year, they must realize that there is seasonality to our industry – activities will bring a better return on time invested during certain times of the year. A perfect example of this is the prospecting of expired listings. The return on time, energy and money invested in this […]

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Housing: Year End Reports Reveal Market Coming Back

Every year-end housing report revealed that the real estate market is recovering quite nicely. Here is a quick synopsis of each: Existing Home Sales Report Total existing-home sales rose 5.9 percent in November over last month Sales are 14.5 percent higher than November 2011 Sales are at the highest level since November 2009 The national […]