This Telephone Has Too Many Shortcomings

Today, we are reposting a blog by our friend Matthew Ferrara. – The KCM Crew Don’t make the same mistake about new technology Western Union once did. Some readers might remember a “boxing match” we did a couple of years ago in Las Vegas. It was part educational, part entertainment, but underneath there was an […]

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Are Lending Standards Loosening?

Celia Chen, an economist for Moody’s Analytics, recently reported on her projections regarding mortgage standards throughout 2013. “The housing recovery began in earnest in 2012, despite constraints placed by a still-tight mortgage lending environment. This year promises improvements as the drivers of tough credit standards reverse. First, consumer credit quality is improving, which will help […]


Fewer Americans in ‘Underwater’ Situation

With home values falling dramatically from 2006 boom prices, many homeowners have found themselves in what is called a ‘negative equity’ or ‘underwater’ situation. This means the value of their home is currently less than the mortgage amount on that home. Many of these homeowners have been ‘locked’ into their houses because they were unable […]


Is There a Window of Opportunity for Sellers Right Now?

One of the most interesting revelations of the latest National Association of Realtors (NAR) Existing Home Sales Report is the shortage of housing inventory being reported throughout much of the country. At the same time, buyer demand is dramatically up over last year.  Here are some key points: Total housing inventory at the end of January fell […]

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NAR’s 4th Quarter Home Sales Report [INFOGRAPHIC]

NAR 4Q 2012

The Importance of Visual Aids

Today’s post is an excerpt from our newest eGuide, Real Estate’s New Market Reality, which explains how the role of the real estate professional has changed and what you can do to successfully help more buyers and sellers. You can download the entire eGuide at – The KCM Crew Using visuals enables you to […]

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Housing Market in 2013: Freddie Mac’s Projections

Some believe that our coverage of the housing market at times is too optimistic. Today, we want to report on Freddie Mac’s projections for the real estate market in 2013 as per their latest U.S. Economic and Housing Market Outlook. Frank Nothaft, Freddie Mac vice president and chief economist, explains: “Across the nation, most local […]

FHA: More Expensive Than Expected

We are happy to post this great information from our good friend Pat Zaby’s InTouch program which is an automatic contact system creating top of mind awareness through personalized email and social networking. – The KCM Crew The 3.5% down payment on FHA loans could be more expensive for buyers than expected. Beginning April 1, 2013, the […]

Happy Presidents’ Day

The KCM CrewWe believe every family should feel confident when buying & selling a home. KCM helps real estate professionals reach these families & enables the agent to simply & effectively explain a complex housing market. Take a 14-Day Free Trial of our monthly membership to see how we can help you!

The Difference Between Excellent and Perfect Advice

Today’s post is an excerpt from our newest eGuide, Real Estate’s New Market Reality, which explains how the role of the real estate professional has changed and what you can do to successfully help more buyers and sellers. You can download the entire eGuide at – The KCM Crew Why does a buyer or […]


Love, Marriage & Homeownership

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we moved our Friday Infographic up a day to share the findings of the team looking at how romantic attachments influence home buying. Scroll down to see if your city is on the list or head over to their blog to read the complete results of the study.

Valentines Day Infographic


Is Homeownership a Good FINANCIAL Decision?

Many have reported on Robert Shiller’s recent comments on the investment aspect of homeownership. Shiller, a Yale professor and co-founder of the Case-Shiller Home Price Index, is famous for making provocative comments on house prices and the financial benefits of owning a home. In a recent Bloomberg Television interview, Shiller responded to a question about […]

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Thinking of Buying Your Dream Home? DO IT NOW!

A recent survey showed that 3 out of 4 future home buyers (who are not first time buyers) plan to move up to some form of a ‘better’ home. The breakdown: Move to a significantly bigger home (49%) Move to a nicer home (17.5%) Move to a nicer part of town (8.6%) If you or […]

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House Prices: When Will 2006 Values Return?

There is a lot of optimism regarding house prices. The most recent Home Price Expectation Survey projects a 3% -3.5% increase in values for each of the next 5 years. We concur that most parts of the country will see varying levels of appreciation over that time. However, we must realize that we will not […]


Second-Generation Americans and Homeownership

The Pew Research Center recently released a study titled Second-Generation Americans:A Portrait of the Adult Children of Immigrants. The report has many interesting findings regarding second-generation Americans which they defined as: “…people born in the United States, with at least one first generation (immigrant) parent. People born in Puerto Rico or other U.S. territories with […]

Where People are Moving To and From

Where are people moving to and from? Find out with this neat infographic.

The Key to Success: Building TRUST

We recently posted a blog titled Real Estate Branding: YOUR Promise to the Consumer which explained that “when you brand yourself as an expert, you are making a promise to the consumer that they can come to you for the best & most current information available.” We explained that you must keep that promise to […]


The Search for ACCURATE Real Estate Information

The other day Marc Davison, a good friend and founder of the marketing, design & strategy firm 1000watt, forwarded us a booklet released by Ford entitled 13 TRENDS FOR 2013. It is a must read for all businesses as it clearly states the thirteen consumer trends that will help business dominate 2013. However, we had […]


5 Reasons You Should Buy a Home NOW!

Many potential buyers are waiting until they can be 100% sure the real estate market has fully recovered before making the move to purchase a home. Here are five reasons why waiting might not make sense any longer: 1.) Prices Are on the Rise The latest Case Shiller Home Price Index revealed that home prices have appreciated […]

What the Case Shiller Report is Actually Telling Us

Case Shiller released their latest Home Price Index yesterday. The headlines that followed were true but, in our opinion, a little misleading. Here are some of the highlights of the report that have dominated major media coverage: Home prices rose 5.5% in the 12 months ending in November 2012 (the latest data available). In the […]

Some Fun Facts About the Super Bowl [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do cities with higher home prices make more Super Bowl appearances