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The Key to Success: Building TRUST

We recently posted a blog titled Real Estate Branding: YOUR Promise to the Consumer which explained that “when you brand yourself as an expert, you are making a promise to the consumer that they can come to you for the best & most current information available.” We explained that you must keep that promise to succeed. People need to be able to trust you in order to do business with you.

We are not the only one with this point of view. Ford recently released a booklet entitled 13 TRENDS FOR 2013. It is a must read for all real estate professionals as it clearly states the thirteen consumer trends that will help you succeed in 2013.

Number one on the list: TRUST!

In the booklet, Ford reveals:

Weary of mis­information, people are reappraising their relationships with companies and brands, making integrity a new form of competitive advantage…

More important than ever to building brand equity and differentiation, trust has become a precious commodity, and its limited supply in the marketplace has stimulated consumer demand.

You can create a “competitive advantage” by being the source of real estate information the consumer can trust. If you can brand yourself as a market expert – and live up to that brand – you will dominate your marketplace.

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