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Real Estate is Back [INFOGRAPHIC]

Real Estate is Back
Shared with Permission:   Real Estate is Back

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5 replies
  1. Montana Ruark
    Montana Ruark says:

    In order for the real estate market to continue on a successful run, home owners need to become more active in the selling process of their home. The internet has changed buyers behaviors the last couple of years and are finding properties on their own.

    Buyers are searching through listings everyday and at multiple price ranges, the issue is most of the listings that are on real estate listing sites are lacking some key fundamental factors.

    A quality listing should provide buyers with;

    – Accurate and complete property information
    – Quality visuals that help home owners understand the description of a home.
    – Those visuals should include professional photographs and a video walk-though, along with a floor plan of the home to provide buyers with the adjacency information about the layout of the home.

    All of these combined will saves real estate agents a ton of time from having to return phone calls because of questions that could be answered in the time that buyers are spending researching on their own time. This also would minimize the amount of open houses need for a home owner. After a certain period of time of being on the market it begins to lose buyers interest.

    Buyers want value, so why not give it to them if it will help you sell!

  2. Lynn Tardibuono
    Lynn Tardibuono says:

    I always like good news, especially with facts & figures, thanks! After 25 years in the real estate marketing here in Northern California (Sonoma County specifically) I’ve seen the market go all over the place. But this is one of the good times – though we need to get those thinking about selling into action! They need to not only think how much their property will increase in value, but what about the properties they would like to buy – they won’t be cheaper that’s for sure. They will just cost them more when they want to buy. So I say, “Buy now and get the best deals!”. Lynn – Owner/Realtor – Flipper Chick

  3. Ruthmarie Garcia Hicks
    Ruthmarie Garcia Hicks says:

    The graphic doesn’t ring my bell. I’m from the northeast. But even here, things are picking up. Inventory is very low and prices in NYC are such that people are being pushed into Westchester. We still have a way to go and God knows what we need is a normal market not a fire-hot market. I’d rather have something sustainable. That may be where we are headed in the NY-CT-NJ Tristate area.

  4. Bill Luedtke
    Bill Luedtke says:

    Too bad for the thousands of people who are still in the process of losing their homes or have lost their homes. Remember the reasons why the collapse happened! Sorry to be the negative, but I know people who are still struggling to keep their homes.


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