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Homes ‘On Sale’ Across the Country [INFOGRAPHIC]

Prices are increasing but are still ‘on sale’ throughout most of the country when compared to 2007 prices. – The KCM Crew

MSA Map of US

Source: FNC March Price Index

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4 replies
  1. Estelle Hastings
    Estelle Hastings says:

    You say homes are “on sale” given that prices are lower than their all time highs. So are you claiming that prices were rational in 2007? Didn’t you learn anything from the bubble?

    • KCMcrew
      KCMcrew says:

      Great point, Estelle! However, the challenge in 2007 wasn’t rising prices. It was the reason prices were rising: ridiculously easy lending standards. That is not the case in the current market. We do not believe that prices will skyrocket back to 2006 prices. However, we do believe that prices will eventually return to boom prices. That was the reason for this infographic.

  2. www.saskatoonrealty.com
    www.saskatoonrealty.com says:

    That’s quite the drop to see still six years later. Hopefully those markets continue to post gains into 2014 and continue on their road to recovery. Weird to see those two Texas markets being in the green. Is that due to the natural resources that drive the economy in Texas?


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