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Unlocking the Secrets of Real Estate’s Top Agents

100Days_KCM_bannerWe’re excited to have Curtis Fenn, lead-generation expert and CMO at The REDX, share some of the research and results from a recent study that they conducted of thousands of top-performing real estate professionals. We’ll also be co-hosting a FREE webinar with Curtis this afternoon (April 11th @ 2pm EST) to dive deeper into how to apply their findings.  – The KCM Crew

What makes the top 1% of Real Estate agents so successful? Do they have a special gene the 99% don’t? We see lots of anecdotal evidence of “successful” agents through media, social networks and broker awards, but the major flaw with these stories is the promotion of their results and processes, not a breakdown of their personal habits and practices.

So we decided at REDX to conduct a primary research study of thousands of agents with the goal of discovering their habits. The survey took about 30 minutes for agents to complete, and incomplete submissions were thrown out to give us a true sampling. More than 3,000 agents took the survey.

Once we sorted through the results, we had 3,400 agent profiles we could study. Different markets, education levels and experience. Then the fun began as we were able to deconstruct the profiles. Many of the results may surprise you. The study showed the top 1% of agents had a statistically higher aptitude when prospecting, managing their schedule and leveraging technology than average agents.

Later today (2pm EST on Thursday, April 11th), I’m teaming up with the KCM Crew to share these results on a free webinar. We’ll break down the top seven differentiators that allow the top 1% to make more than $250,000 a year…every year.

Join us on this webinar and you’ll learn:

  • What 81% of the top 1% use on every call and every listing appointment
  • The consequence of low-earning agents spending 44% less time prospecting
  • The technology being utilized by the top 1% that the average agents just aren’t using

As of this morning, there are about 100 seats left for this webinar (GoToWebinar caps their system at 1,000). If you want in, make sure you register at the link below and show up early.

Register Now – http://events.keepingcurrentmatters.com/webinars/100daysto100k

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