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Senior Housing: Silver Tsunami About to Hit

tracksSome look at this photo and see empty railroad tracks with nothing in sight, so they may turn and walk away.

Au contraire, for the social caring and business opportunists among us.

Armed with in-depth research and enough data to mold an entire business plan, I set out to explore where the train was coming from and prepare to to assist every passenger by analyzing their individual needs, offer a multi tiered plan for their transition, regardless of their destination.

The largest demographic tsunami in the history of our nation is scheduled to arrive in the next 2+ decades and business executives and entrepreneurs are only beginning to become aware and will eventually scramble to find their place.

The industry term is “Silver Tsunami” and it is arriving in your neighborhood every day. You see, that train delivers 10,000 people that turn 65 daily in the United States. Today there are 34+ million Seniors (aged 65+) and by the year 2030 over 70 million will live in the U.S. The leading edge of the Baby Boomer generation (born between1946 and 1964) will gently wake us all up and make us aware of their life needs. At peak numbers, this demographic will reshape the economy of the United States.

Do you remember the first time you heard someone use the term “Short Sale”?

Most thought that it just couldn’t provide enough opportunity and left it for others to toil with. Well hindsight is indeed 20/20 and truth be told, those that focused on short sales prospered and those that didn’t worked through several years of a struggling real estate market.

The Real Estate success needle is pointing positive now and that may allow for a less anxious feeling for Realtors and they may just take comfort in their normal daily business building activities and leave working with Seniors for someone else to toil with.

We are used to “10 reasons to do this” or “10 reasons to do that”. In the next blog on Seniors, I will offer you $7 Trillion reasons to learn how to prosper by helping this great demographic with their life needs.

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