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5 Ways to Use Video to Improve Your Real Estate Marketing

Today, we are honored to have industry icon, Stephen Schweickart, as our guest blogger. He is the founder and CEO of VScreen, the nations leading video services company within the Real Estate industry. Stephen, just today, announced the launch of his company’s new video marketing tool, MarketVideos, which gives agents the tools to keep their name in all the right places with their clients. – The KCM Crew

Video-1024x1024[1]It seems with the release of new digital marketing tools, real estate professionals are finding more creative ways to interact and build relationships with their customers. Here are 5 reasons agents should be using videos.

1. Build relationships. Video helps develop familiarity and approachability. On a relational level, if someone can see what you look like, know how you interact, and get a sense of your personality it can put you in control of the first impression you have on them. First impressions are the building blocks of any relationships.

2. Stay top of mind. If 70% of homebuyers forget the name of their real estate agent within 1 year of buying their home, it may be important to be remembered by the people you help. Having relevant video content, like home improvement or maintenance tips, can help you stay top of mind with your clients even after they buy a home.

3. Be easy to find. When homebuyers are searching for properties the first place they go is the Internet. Having searchable videos hosted on sites like YouTube will help your Google rankings. Videos are 53 times more likely to generate a first page Google ranking. Once your video is ranked, consumers are then 41% more likely to click on a video within the search results over any other form of content.

4. Grab and keep your prospects attention. Video makes up for 50% of all internet activity. Because of this, having a video on your website will keep visitors on your site up to six times longer…that’s 6X the opportunity to capture them as a lead.

5. Be viewed as the local expert. Delivering relevant videos to your current, past, and future clients is a great way to separate yourself from your competitors. If the videos you have are truly helpful, they will increase repeat visits to your site, blog or social network.

Making It Simple

Now that you know why the use of videos is so important, the question remains “how”. You can either make a sizable investment in video equipment and training and hope for the best or see if there is an affordable, professional solution to the problem.

Through extensive research and testing, a video marketing tool has been discovered that easily and economically provides an answer. Market Videos are designed to provide real estate professionals with 5 high quality videos every month that educate prospective homebuyers of local market conditions, real estate tips, and home design.

Still Not Sure? Things You Should Know…

What types of videos should I do and which get the best results?

Videos that position you as the go-to resource for all things real estate are the types of videos you should do. The average homebuyer will purchase a home every 7 years. In order to stay relevant to them, you should have videos that are evergreen in nature and can be used for educational marketing. Some other videos you can do include: community tours, market videos and real estate tips videos (as seen on marketvideos.com)

How long should my videos be?

Your videos should be no more than 2 minutes in length. A general time frame for the length of your videos is 1:20. Remember, the longer your video the quicker people will leave.

Where should I distribute my videos?

Some of the best places to distribute your videos online are YouTube (trumps all), TubeMogul, facebook, twitter, linkedin, and your video newsletters.

Which videos should be done professionally versus made by my 12 year old niece?

Videos that are meant to be organic may be done on your phone. This would include client testimonials for example. The videos that need to be professional are the evergreen videos. This would include videos about the community, your company, the market, etc. If you do a listing video it should be done professionally only if it is a multi-million dollar property. If not, you will be better off using a virtual tour.

If I’ve never done video before, where is the easiest place for me to start?

Again, MarketVideos.com is the easiest place for you to start using videos. We make all of the videos so you don’t have to. We also put them into a newsletter and you send them to your database.

If you think that you want to use best of class videos in your marketing, check us out!!

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  1. Andrew Mooers
    Andrew Mooers says:

    Video absolutes are dangerous. Two minutes max for video does not work for presentation of the Maine farm spread listing to the buyer out of the country. You are teasing and not covering the subject Video, show and tell using the eyes and ears is so memorable, easy, what the buyer wants. A million views for simple hard working real estate videos proves it. Great post.


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