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Powerful Presentations a Must in Today’s Environment

Powerful Presentations a Must in Today’s Environment

When it comes to choosing their real estate professional, consumers have higher expectations today than ever before. They want someone who:

  • Truly understands every nuance of the current real estate market and
  • Can simply and effectively explain what impact the market will have on their real estate goals

To satisfy these requirements, today’s real estate professionals must do two things:

1. Keep Abreast of What is Happening in the Market

In a recent infographic we ran on this blog, Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent, it was revealed that a real estate agent must be prepared to:

“Disclose market conditions which will govern your buying or selling process. Many factors will determine how you succeed.”

Obviously, in order to ‘disclose’ these market variables the agent must have familiarized themselves with the issues that are impacting real estate.

2. Prepare Presentations that Help Educate Buyers and Sellers

Knowing current market trends is meaningless unless you can easily explain the effects they will have on the plans of your buyer or seller. We must take the time to prepare powerful, conversation provoking presentations so the consumer can make good, informed decisions for themselves and their families.

In a recent article in RisMedia, Patty McNease is the Director of Marketing for Homes.com explained:

“On your slides, keep text to a minimum and let the graphics tell the story but pause to verbally expand on your message and allow time for questions.”

Following these two basic rules will help you become the sought after real estate expert in your marketplace.

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