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Monday Morning Motivation

Blog-picture[1]The Importance of KCM

Several years ago, we at Keeping Current Matters (KCM) realized that the real estate industry was experiencing a revolutionary change. The information that consumers depended on us for in the past (which houses were for sale, what were the selling prices of similar houses in the neighborhood) was now being broadcast across the internet.

We realized very early on that the only way agents could truly differentiate themselves from their competition was through their ability to analyze this information and simply and effectively communicate how it impacts the consumer. Thus, KCM was born.

We were probably a little ahead of the curve in our analysis. However, there is no longer any question that the understanding of the housing market which you can provide to your buyers and sellers as a KCM member is crucially important.

Seth Godin, probably the greatest marketing expert of our generation, realizes the importance of providing more than just basic information to the real estate consumer in today’s environment:

The minute real estate listings went online was the minute that it was no longer sufficient that a real estate broker merely had information about real estate listings.”

Industry leaders are now also recognizing the importance of being a trusted advisor in the real estate transaction. Stephen Phillips, chief operating officer for HSF Affiliates, recently addressed this issue when he stated:

“Home buyers are more informed than ever with their Internet searches and ongoing research; however, there’s a critical need to transform that information into analysis and advice that helps consumers make the best home-buying and selling decisions.”

As a KCM member, you know what is happening in the market, you know why it is happening and you know how to easily communicate it to your clients. That gives you a tremendous advantage over your competition.

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