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Today’s Prices Compared to Peak [INFOGRAPHIC]

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  1. Andrew Kantor
    Andrew Kantor says:

    I’m sorry — forgive me for being dense here. Is this showing price *decline* from peak or price *compared* to peak? As in, Virginia is 15% – 20%+ BELOW peak or is it 15-20% OF peak? The wording isn’t clear.

    If it’s price below peak, maybe adding the word “Down” in the key would help. At first I thought it was an *increase*, then I realized it was supposed to show a drop. Then I saw the word “compared” and wasn’t sure I was reading it right at all!

    Help out the slower folks like me, wouldja? 🙂

    • Steve Harney
      Steve Harney says:

      The data in the InfoGraphic came from CoreLogic. For more detailed information, we suggest you reach out to them at They may provide an answer to your request in one of their product offerings.


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