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Latinos & New Year’s Resolutions

With their preparation for the holidays the Latino culture also prepares for some rituals, customs and traditions that are going to help to augur a New Year. Depending on the country or origin these traditions may vary, but one of the most commons in general is the 12 grapes and the 12 wishes. At 12 o’clock (or midnight), with the 12 chimes of the clock they will eat 12 grapes while asking for their 12 wishes. But what does this have to do with real estate?

One of those 12 wishes, you will have the opportunity to help to fulfill. The wish to buy a new home!

During the year we gave you a series of blogs talking about the Latino Community; the different segments within the community and some ideas of how to help them. It is our resolution for the next year to continue giving you information to make sure that the Latino Community will be able to fulfil one of those 12 wishes. The opportunity to be homeowners!

We are happy to announce the creation of our latest e-guide, “An Agent’s Guide to Working with the Latino Community”. Click here to download the guide and learn how to capitalize on the opportunities that exist within the Latino Market.

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  1. Eugenia Reese
    Eugenia Reese says:

    Jeymy: In all your blogs you talk about “Hispanics” when you really mean Hispanics in the US and the “Latino Community” when you really mean Latinos in the US. I wish you would make this clear. It doesn’t help those that think the world ends at the US borders, and the millions of Latinos in the world, most of them in other countries, will appreciate the non-generalization. Thank you in advance.


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