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Predictions for 2014: Consumers Will Demand More from Real Estate Professionals

Predictions for 2014: Consumers Will Demand More from Real Estate Professionals

nmr-355x344Home search will become a given to the real estate consumer in 2014. In order to differentiate themselves from other agents, real agents will need to bring strong, meaningful content to the table in all their offerings. And we are not talking just about more information.

There’s a large gap between information and actionable knowledge.

Information by itself is essentially useless. What’s truly important is being able to understand, analyze, and use the information for the best outcome. That’s what the consumer will demand of real estate professionals in 2014.

The agents who don’t evolve into what the consumer now demands will not survive. Clients no longer need us for information regarding which homes are for sale or what houses in their neighborhood sell for. They can easily find that information online.

What clients really want is someone who can…

  • Analyze all the available information
  • Connect the dots and let them know if now is a good time to buy or the right time to sell
  • Take the time to explain their options—simply and effectively

It’s a big change…and it’s one you need to embrace to move forward.

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2 replies
  1. www.saskatoonrealty.com
    www.saskatoonrealty.com says:

    This is spot on. As information becomes more readily available to consumers, our job as agents has to continue to evolve. Never has an agent had to be more knowledgeable than today. If you provide information that is incorrect to a client, they can easily verify it and your credibility instantly takes a hit. It is imperative that agents are on top of the market not only in terms of what’s for sale and where, but an overall macroeconomic look at the market as a whole, where it’s moving and why.

  2. Pat Lydon
    Pat Lydon says:

    This has always been case even before inrternet. If you do not show value there is none. The difference today than in ’80’s onward is just more to explain &interpert.
    The internet has made more agent/brokers lazy. Consumers are analyzing incorrect or misunderstanding what they see.

    You go on listing homeowner tells you pricing from a website & prices are wrong.After owner lambases you you show 3 deals your office did with correct info.

    No matter what changes in the market the one thing that never changes is



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