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The Importance of a GREAT Pre-Listing Package

The Importance of a GREAT Pre-Listing Package

Listings will be crucial to the success of real estate professionals in 2014. We believe that demand will remain strong and that the agents with a good inventory of salable listings will have tremendous years. However, the competition for these listings will be fierce. Agents must set themselves apart from the competition in every way possible.

Here at KCM, we believe the best way to separate yourself from other professionals in your area is to display a deeper understanding of market conditions. You can take major steps toward accomplishing this goal by making sure your Pre-Listing Package emphasizes your knowledge of the housing market.

In order to help you attain this goal, each quarter we put together an eGuide we call Things to Consider When Selling a Your House. The eGuide is full of great, up-to-date information about the current real estate market. It will put you in a fabulous light as an industry expert while, at the same time, causing the seller to think about what is truly important to their family in the sale of their house.

The eGuide is printed in English and Spanish and will be a great addition to the pre-listing package you are currently using.


The Buyer/Seller Guides are now available as PowerPoint files… Just like the monthly KCM!

You can now add your logo, website, email address to the cover, the footers of each page, wherever you like!  We want you to represent yourself as the expert and are now more excited than ever to add this feature to the KCM Membership!

Here’s How:

  1. Simply click on Content from the main header of the website,
  2. Then Buyer & Seller Guides
  3. Download the Guides in PowerPoint format
  4. Open the Guide you want to customize in PowerPoint
  5. The possibilities are endless for customization:
    1. Add Your Logo to the Title Page
    2. Add Your Contact Information to the Base of Each Page
    3. Add a page at the end of the guide with comps
    4. Customize the final page with all of your Contact Information
    5. Change the colors of the text and borders to your company colors
      (If you’re feeling ambitious!)
  6. Now that you’ve made it your own… Save it as a PDF and have it printed for your presentations!


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