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Do People See You as the Real Estate Expert?

Do People See You as the Real Estate Expert?

IE-0320BlogAd-REPLAY“Real estate sales have changed more in the last year than the prior 100 years. I needed a real estate agent in 1997. I didn’t have the password to the MLS.” 

– Daniel Pink, bestselling author of the book Drive at a real estate conference February 2014

There was a time when both buyers and sellers were forced to connect with a real estate agent in order to get even the basic information required to make a good decision regarding their housing needs. That time has passed.

Buyers can now go on-line to find the homes that are for sale. Sellers can go on-line to find out which homes in their neighborhood sold over the last six months and at what price.

Consumers are no longer looking for just information from a real estate agent. They require professional advice based on the information that is available. Guy Kawasaki, Silicon Valley author, speaker, investor and business advisor explained it best:

“To provide value, real estate agents must not only provide information but also insights into that information.”

We couldn’t agree more! The agents who will dominate their markets in the future are those that embrace the concept that they need to be a counselor not just facilitator; an expert in the market to whom consumers can turn for advice on difficult or complex real estate decisions.

And they must brand themselves in that way.

Whenever a buyer or seller in your market decides to make a decision on their housing, are you the first person who enters their mind? If not, why not?

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