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Our New Home

Our New Home

Keeping Current Matters has come a long way since our start in 2007.

Since our company was formed, our objective has always been to help you become the expert in your marketplace by simply and effectively explaining a complex housing market to your clients. Our goal is to help families make the best decision for themselves regarding homeownership because we believe every family should feel confident when buying and selling a home.

Through YOU and the thousands of Real Estate professionals across the United States who are also committed to educating the families they work with, we’ve been able to help hundreds of thousands of people. And that number just keeps on growing.

As we help you develop and improve, we’ve also done a little developing and improving ourselves too.

As you may know, the progression since 2007 in the amount of content, tools, insights, design and delivery KCM offers today has grown dramatically. Case in point, here is a quick throwback of what the KCM website looked like in 2007:

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 5.08.36 PM

Quite a difference from today’s website, huh?

We’ve added the monthly market reports, Personalized Posts, buyer & seller guides, categories and more!

And while we’ve made dramatic improvements to the content and tools we offer our Members, internally the KCM Crew has significantly grown in numbers also. The team has gone from just two employees in 2007 to a 12-person team today! And, with this growing Crew, we needed a larger space for everyone in order to continue making KCM even better for all of you.

So, we wanted to take a moment to share with you our new HOME (office). It’s quite a change from the garage apartment we first started in. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have this new home. Check it out below!

Thank YOU for strengthening our movement to ensure every family feels confident when buying and selling a home. We are eager AND ENTHUSIASTIC to continue moving forward and ultimately helping more families achieve the American Dream of Homeownership.

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7 replies
  1. stephentobrien@gmail.com
    stephentobrien@gmail.com says:

    I honestly can’t fathom that only 12 people create the content I see. Kudos! While more can be better the quality you create is more important than the quantity. Thanks!

  2. Lance@KonaHomeTeam.com
    Lance@KonaHomeTeam.com says:

    You guys do a fantastic job and I wanted to thank you.
    I get more comments on the infographics you put together, and the content is great. (just been wanting to tell you that for awhile)
    Congratulations on the new office!

  3. christin.ogryzlo@gmail.com
    christin.ogryzlo@gmail.com says:

    Congratulations to the entire team! Your new office space looks fresh and inviting and I imagine may boost your creative juices even more!

  4. amarkley@roseandwomble.com
    amarkley@roseandwomble.com says:

    You guys Rock, I am enjoying sharing the blogs each day with my customers and clients and they are also enjoying keeping up to date on current matters. I have never blogged before but this is so easy. Thank you and Congratulations on your new office. Very Nice…

  5. debbie@ronanddebbie.net
    debbie@ronanddebbie.net says:

    Beautiful place to call “my office”! Thank you for all you do. I thought you had a larger staff. Keep up the great work and know those of us on this side appreciate you and your results – “Together we all achieve more”.


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