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How To Use KCM to Stay Top of Mind

How To Use KCM to Stay Top of Mind

Keeping Current Matters

As a Member, you have access to the latest reports on what’s really going on in the housing market. The same reports that CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and every other media outlet are reporting on everyday.

The difference? Our headlines are there to tell you and your consumers what’s really going on in the market, not to sell newspapers or to shock and awe so you stay tuned.

Every month (in the monthly market report) and every day (in the daily blog), we break down those golden nuggets, into easy to understand visual pieces that you can use to not only educate yourself, but your clients as well.

Light Bulb Moment | Keeping Current MattersThey say a picture is worth a thousand words… watching that light bulb moment happen when your clients finally understand what you’ve been trying to explain to them all along, because you were able to show them… there is no monetary value you can place on that.

In our latest webinar, “Has Google Discovered The Missing Link To Agent Success?” we explained the concept of the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) and how valuable that moment is. (If you were unable to attend the live webinar, don’t fret, we have recorded it for you and is available on the Recent Webinars page.)

Below is just a sample of some of the visuals that we gave you to explain the power of being in front of your clients/family/friends on social media with relevant powerful content. If your sphere of influence believes that you are a knowledgeable resource for them at the moment that they decide to make one of the biggest financial decisions of their life, you will be their first call.

ZMOT | Keeping Current Matters ZMOT | Keeping Current Matters

How do you stand out? Using images in your social media campaigns is the easiest way to encourage engagement. But we aren’t talking about a photo of what you had for dinner, or a cute niece or nephew, or your pet…

Importance of Images | Keeping Current Matters Importance of Images | Keeping Current Matters Importance of Images | Keeping Current Matters

Every month, (no later than the 10th), we supply you with a fresh deck of 40-60 new visuals that you can share with your clients. Some might need some further explanation, but some might be the answer to the question they didn’t know they had.

Bottom Line

The Zero Moment of Truth for every one of your potential clients is triggered by something different. Make sure that you are consistently posting valuable information on your social media platforms to remain front and center in your clients’ minds.


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