Pricing – what actually is happening?

Today’s Talking Point 11/25/09 The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) just came out with their 3rd Quarter Pricing Report (which covers the previous four quarters). If you go to the bottom of the home page, they have an interactive map where you can see how prices have changed in your state over the last year. […]

Delinquencies Rise, Casting Cloud Over Recovery

Today’s Talking Point 11/23/09 Fear of Double Dip in Housing – Home Starts Tumble and Mortgage Delinquencies Rise, Casting Cloud Over Recovery That was the front page headline last Thursday in the Wall Street Journal. The article discussed what we have been addressing for several months now. The article highlighted a growing problem in housing […]

Today’s Talking Point 11/11/09

Supply and Demand What will happen in the real estate market over the next six months? I believe the quote below does a great job of explaining it. From the Zillow News Release Issued: November 9, 2009: “The next several months will be critical to the housing market. Previously, we’d been expecting to see increasing […]


Today’s Talking Point 11/09/09

What is the definition of ‘Accumulation’ rate? ‘Accumulation’ rate talks to the point of future inventory coming to the market. An example of this is Zillow ‘s recent report suggesting an additional 7 million homeowners are ‘very likely’ to put their homes up for sale if they see the market getting better. Another example is […]

Today’s Talking Point 11/04/09

Pricing Though sales are strong and it seems as though the tax credit will be extended AND expanded, we must realize that pricing is still crucial. Two points on the subject: From The Wall Street Journal: By slowing mortgage foreclosures and giving a first-time home buyer tax credit, the U.S. government has driven up home […]

Today’s Talking Point 10/23/09

Where Are Prices Actually Headed? From Yahoo Finance: According to Fiserv, a financial information and analysis firm, home prices are predicted to drop in 342 out of 381 markets during the next year. Overall, the national median home price is predicted to drop 11.3% by June 30, 2010. Fiserv has a history of making bold […]

Today’s Talking Point 10/16/09

Existing Sales and New Construction Sales to Rise in 2010; Prices to Fall

How to Grade Your Listing

Why do so many listings NOT sell? I think it is time to grade our listings in several categories to determine if they are truly salable. Here are the categories and possible grading criteria: Access A – lockbox B – key C – unlimited access without a formal appointment D – unlimited access with a […]


High End Foreclosures

For several months now, I have been alerting agents to the fact that this economy is starting to attack even the high-end seller. As I watched delinquencies dramatically increase in the sector of prime mortgages (good FICO score, good job, good downpayment), I realized that foreclosures in this sector could not be far behind. Well, […]

Today’s Talking Point 10/9/09

Pricing a Property Properly Part 3

Today’s Talking Point 10/8/09

Pricing a Property Properly Part 2

Today’s Talking Point 10/7/09

Pricing a Property Properly Part 1

When will prices again approach the 2005-2006 peak?

Many sellers want to know how long would they need to wait to again see the prices of 2005-2006. Moody’s and Fiserv have actually studied this point. Here are the years that different states will probably return to those prices: Before 2014 Maine Vermont Kentucky Pennsylvania South Carolina Alabama Alaska Iowa Montana South Dakota North […]

Today’s Talking Point 10/05/09

When will prices again approach the 2005-2006 peak?

Today’s Talking Point 9/30/09


Are all price points selling?

There is much discussion about how the real estate market is in the middle of its turnaround based on sales increasing on a year-over-year basis. Though the fact that housing is again moving is fabulous news, let’s not lose sight of which homes are selling. Here is a closer look at different price ranges and […]