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(English) Will the Government Help Pay-Off YOUR Mortgage?

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5 comentarios
  1. Caroie Sanek
    Caroie Sanek Dice:

    I reposted this on my blog page, I reposted it to two FB accounts, I got a little political and told people there is no more important time in our lives to have the CHANGE we were promised happen than now. Thanks as always for this amazing blog – yesterday I cut back on all that filters into my FB – you all made the cut. Anyone coming to FAR in Orlando this year?

  2. Phil Munroe
    Phil Munroe Dice:

    I agree completely Caroie, the time is now. November is right around the corner, get educated and lets make the change that is needed. It is nice to hear that the government is looking at helping out more homeowners, I just hope that you don’t have to be distressed to be helped out. Those of us that have seen DRAMATIC pay-cuts and still manage to keep our mortgages current should be able to see some relief as well. Great blog Steve, keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. James Barath in Northwest Indiana
    James Barath in Northwest Indiana Dice:

    Unless mortgage forgiveness is unilaterally administered to homeowners regardless of loan-to-value, I hate the idea of mortgage forgiveness to just a select group of homeowners. It just doesn’t seem fair or equitable.

    I have an alternative solution to kick start the economy. Why not provide debt forgiveness on the negative equity that most Americans incur on their vehicles as this would be a great help to homeowners and non-homeowners alike.

  4. Alex Cortez
    Alex Cortez Dice:

    Sure, I’m all for helping those in need. But how much more government intervention do we need? Many people who are now in trouble made financially unsound decisions to get into homes they couldn’t afford to keep. That was a clear and conscientious decision. So what about those who could have gotten the crazy no-doc loans but chose not to do so because it was the financially prudent thing to do? No they are renters, but as taxpayers will end up subsidizing homeowners who made unwise decisions. This smells like politics, politicians merely playing their cards so they can look better come election time. Let the free markets correct themselves and only then will we see long-term sustainable stability and growth.

  5. Carole Sanek
    Carole Sanek Dice:

    We bought our home in 2005 for $204000 we put $100,000 down we owe $95000 and it’s worth about that. So we lost our cash investment and it sucks. Now we are on social security and hoping for real estate sales in the gulf coast where people think we have oil – we don’t. No oil down the gulf coast of Florida and I do eat seafood from the Gulf. If things do not turn around soon we will expat in Panama – we have already looked seriously into that and what’s sad is many people can’t afford to live nicely elsewhere either. I really feel like it is the Great Depression all over again


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